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Oswell Outteridge is an actor. Well, he wants to be an actor. He’s done some work as an extra in crowd scenes, and that’s what he’s doing again. This time, though, he’s in a superhero movie starring his celebrity crush, Kane Teague, as the lead character. Oswell can’t believe his luck when he’s chosen to be in a scene with Kane, not only because is Kane, but also because he’ll actually be in the credits.

It’s during the filming of the scene when some…unusual…events occur. He’s to be “slimed,” knocked over, and helped to get up by Kane’s character. However, the slime hit him hard and when he goes down, he accidentally swallows some of the disgusting stuff. Soon, Oswell begins to exhibit the power of telekinesis. While that’s pretty interesting, Oswell’s life becomes even more interesting when Kane actually asks him out on a date.

Oswell now has to balance being the real life superhero, Greenbird (even though he really wanted to be called Telekineticuserex), with his budding romance with Kane. He doesn’t want Kane to know, but he knows he needs to tell him, and he’s just about to say the words when some madness and mayhem gets in the way. Now, Oswell has to decide whether he will continue to use his powers for good, or if he’s going to use his anger and desire for revenge to become the very thing he swore to fight.

Super for You, Bad for Me was a totally neat idea. Superhero stories are something you don’t see every day. I’ve actually read a few, so I grabbed this one, excited to see what this author could do with the subject matter. While the plot was somewhat interesting, I didn’t find myself connecting with the characters. It’s not that I didn’t like them. I just didn’t feel them.

Oswell seemed jaded. I have to say he was actually bringing be down a bit. I couldn’t wait until he became a superhero because his regular personality was rather…blah. I did like Kane. He seemed to have a certain goodness about him. He was friendly to everybody, stopping to sign autographs and pose for photographs with fans, and he was excited with everything. While I knew from the blurb he and Oswell would get together, it didn’t exactly feel right to me. It wasn’t a l0ng book, so it had to be pretty quick, and maybe that was my issue. There didn’t seem to be much time for them to really get to know each other or for me to get to know them.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I will tell you Oswell’s Greenbird has a nemesis (as all superheroes do) who also has telekinetic powers, and he wants Kane. This poses a real problem, and it also begins to bring about the action that will lead to the end of the story. It’s well written and clever, but it felt l-o-n-g. Something really bad happens (trying to refrain from telling you!), and it leads Oswell/Greenbird down a dangerous path.

Eventually, good triumphs over evil, once again…like every good superhero story does. I rather thought that would be the end of it, but there’s a surprise twist. I wish I could say I thought that was great, but mostly, I found it to be confusing and even more out of this world than having a real superhero fighting crime and preventing disasters. You’ll definitely have to suspend every bit of belief you have for this one. It wasn’t bad per se, it was just…really busy.

All in all, Super for You, Bad for Me was an ok book with an ok plot. I wish I could have connected better with the characters. I am going to cautiously recommend it, though. Fans of the genre (I LOVE The Avengers!) might take to it easily. There’s also some humor (I was thinking The Incredibles) and a certain charm. If that describes your interests, you might really enjoy this one.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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