Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Gael has hit absolute rock bottom. Tasked with doing the unthinkable, he knows he must act or he’ll be killed. In the end though, he can’t do it. Won’t do it. But Gael knows that in order to get out, he really has to disappear. With the help of his one friend, Gael makes a plan to get out of the undercity and off the planet once and for all. He doesn’t even mind that it means traveling to the other side of the galaxy.

Abraham Bauer has put in long years mining desolate planets for precious materials. Now he has a patch of land on a godforsaken planet, and through hard work terraforming and farming, he’s made it a haven. With his work, and that of others, one day the planet will be a paradise. But he’s lonely, so very lonely, and that’s what prompts him to place an ad for a companion. Most of his responses are not what he’s looking for. It’s not about the hookup, he wants a true companion and someone to love. And when Bram sees Gael’s message, the earnestness and sincerity catch him as much as Gael’s beautiful face. Without much hesitation, he offers Gael a place with him.

Gael is surprised—and a little disappointed—that the planet isn’t what he expected. But Bram is just as kind as he hoped. Of course, everything is thrown off when a young girl named Aavi shows up. Bram brings them both to his home, even though he’s not sure what’s going to happen next.

The three fall into an easy life. Gael and Aavi help wherever than can, and Bram quickly finds his heart opening to them both. But still, he takes things slowly. He knows they have secrets, which slowly come out. But still Bram trusts the man he’s coming to know, and Gael is just blooming under the peace of Bram’s home. And eventually, the two men act on the simmering attraction between them, taking their relationship to the next level.

But greed runs rampant on the outer planets, and one man’s need disrupts the happy home that Gael, Bram, and Aavi are building. What’s worse, it stirs up trouble and brings Gael’s past slamming down on them. What they’ve built is strong, but is it strong enough to weather this terrible storm?

I love a good sci fi book, especially one with such rich world building as this one has. Add to that two MCs who just wormed their way into my heart, and it made for a great read. Some of the plot points were a little bit predictable, and Aavi was completely unexpected, but on the whole, I was completely absorbed in this book.

Right from the start, the author paints a picture of desperation, need, want, and desolation. With alternating third person POV, we get to see how both Gael and Bram are surviving. Yes, Bram is much more content with his life than Gael. But his loneliness pours off the page and tugs at the heartstrings. Gael is a whole other story, and immediately, I was just as desperate as he was for him to find peace and to finally see the sun. These guys are spectacular, together and apart, and I was wholly invested in them as individuals and together. I loved watching them grow together, and especially loved watching Gael’s transformation as he settled into himself, free from the horrors of his past life. Their chemistry sparked and sizzled, lighting up the page. And for me, it was all the tender moments that they shared that really made the two of them together beautiful. The character development was truly wonderful here.

As I said earlier, some of the plot points were a little predictable. Not in an entirely bad way, but nothing was a surprise to me and it played out exactly as I expected. I would have liked a little twist, a little something different, to elevate this book even further for me. But with that being said, it was well written and all the pieces fit seamlessly together.

This book definitely should go on any sci fi lovers list. The world building was outstanding, and the characters really drove the story. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

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