Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Shahin Halcón is a hawk shifter and lives for the times he can fly. He knows of the legend of finding a soul mate, but he doesn’t believe he will ever settle down, let alone find a mate. Shahin barely knows what to do with himself when he comes across Cai and knows Cai is his soulmate, even though Cai is a full human. Without knowing how to make contact, Shahin, in his hawk form, follows Cai just to be near the man.

Cai hasn’t been successful with love or relationships and lives a quieter life. He has a good job and a younger sister he’s close to, but that’s as exciting as it gets. When he meets Shahin, he has no idea what the younger, carefree man sees in him and their relationship gets off to a slow start. However, the pull between the men is incredible and Cai knows he feels better just being near Shahin. But Cai doesn’t know about shifters and soul mates, and when a legend of a curse and Shahin’s vindictive mother get in the way, their relationship may be doomed before it fully takes flight.

The cover on this story is captivating and when the book opens, we are shown Shahin in his hawk form right away. The fated mates aspect pulled me in for a moment, but then this book went all kinds of wrong for me and was not an enjoyable read.

Shahin is a hawk shifter and has a large family. That’s about all we ever learn of his history or the history of being a shifter and they are dropped into contemporary life without any explanation. Shahin knows Cai is his soulmate, but Cai has no idea about any of this and wants to take things slow. He even invites his sister along on his first date with Shahin. In a soulmates book, the allure for me is that pull that the characters feel the connectionand here it was started and stopped too many times for my liking to appreciate that.

The writing was awkward and abrupt and filled with cliched language and the story jumped from one scene to the next. For the first half, every time the guys try and get together there is something else getting in their way. One huge obstacle was Shahin’s mother. At first, she was just nasty, but Shahin still attended family dinners every week and let his mother and his sisters treat him terribly and he continued to take it. His mother then went down the evil path, it was easy to see this coming, but there were no consequences at all for her. Her motives turned from nasty to downright criminal and Shahin gave her a pass each and every time, even when his life was in real danger.

There are also separate storylines involving both Shahin’s and Cai’s fathers that were oddly placed and didn’t add anything to the overall story due to their execution. There is late stage jealousy on the part of Shahin and this made no sense from where the guys were in the story. This book really wasn’t for me on many levels and it’s not a book I will suggest picking up.


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