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Length: Novel

Dominic is good at keeping up his reputation as the stoic defender on his Premiership football team. But, Dominic keeps everything under wraps because coming out would destroy his career and his life. He sneaks out on Grindr when he can, but he is constantly looking over his shoulder waiting to get called out and he lives a half life.

Lucky needed the money when he agreed to meet Dom for a hookup for cash. Homeless and using drugs to take the edge off when needed, Lucky doesn’t really have a plan further then finding his next place to sleep for the night. But there is chemistry between the two men and there is a need that goes deeper than the physical. Dom knows he’s risking everything meeting Lucky again, and then again after that, and he knows it will have to eventually come to an end to keep his reputation intact. But when Lucky goes off the grid, Dom knows it’s time to make a change. The sport that once meant everything to him means nothing without Lucky by his side.

Garret Leigh hits that sweet spot yet again with Lucky. Her books and characters offer a glimpse into people trying to live life and find love while overcoming obstacles and Lucky and Dom are two more great characters. Dom is a great defender for his team, but other than the sport, he has no life. He has few friends and he can’t date and he’s seen first hand what happened to other players that dared to come out and he can’t handle his life imploding completely. But the game that he loves and worked so hard to succeed in is now another chore and his heart isn’t in it any more.

The book is told in alternating points of view and being in both Dom and Lucky’s minds is extremely well done. Dom’s desperation is visceral and Lucky, he’s no one’s victim, but his situation is also devastating to read. He’s been on the streets for years and finds shelter when he can. When he can’t take it anymore he takes the edge off with drugs, but that’s a cycle of regret that Lucky cannot find his way out of.

The men are in completely different places in life, but it’s so apparent they need each other. Dom isn’t coming in with his money either and saving Lucky, Lucky won’t have that, and despite his circumstances Lucky is brave, stands up for himself, and is a special character.

What I also enjoyed about this book is that it’s written in a way that we are living real life with Dom and Lucky. There is plenty of tension to keep the story moving, but there is no over-the-top drama and the scenes are well thought out and well paced and the chemistry and connection between Dom and Lucky takes on a life of its own. The dialogue is also effortless as Leigh often has a way of finding the right words for her characters that have an incredibly natural flow.

So many of Garrett Leigh’s books work for me and her style of having slightly edgy characters face down their issues calls to me every time. This book is set up to be a series with Cash, Lucky’s co-worker, coming up next with a cameo of Dom and Lucky already in the teaser at the end of the book. It’s a great time to start a new Garrett Leigh series with Lucky.






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