Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novell

Sergeant Rob Ross of the London Metropolitan Police is in command of an elite group of men and women who, with their varied skills and knowledge, manage to slip unnoticed into a crowd to do their duty. Often invisible, or at least inconspicuous (if you discount their newest member and resident red-headed giant, Liam), they do their best work behind the scenes. Unfortunately, their Captain has the bright idea that their image needs a bit of a boost and so has ordered the squad new uniforms. She wants them more visible and more popular.

Hosted at the Greenalls estate, Rob and his men are getting properly fitted uniforms that hug every curve, outline every muscle, and show them off to their best advantage. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue at all, but Rob is having trouble keeping the tight new trousers from showing everyone just how interested he is in Liam, whose bright green eyes and commanding manner have Ross week in the knees. But it’s not just Liam that has Rob’s attention.. there’s also Sanjay, the Sikh butler whose warm brown eyes and beautiful smile have Rob wanting to sweep him off his feet and into Rob’s bed.

Between sweetness and sin, how is a man to choose? The more important question, though is … does he have to?

This novella is part of a series of stories written by several authors that all involve hot men looking good in uniform. Gold’s offering happens to have two special ops operatives of the London Police force who happen to look better out of uniform than in it, and involves some characters from previous books by this author, but is able to read as a standalone. A very hot standalone.

Rob has a high stress job, one that requires him to be in control of the situation at all times. Rob, however, is a natural submissive who frequents a very exclusive club where he met his friend and occasional Dom, Isadore Woolfe. Unfortunately, Woolfe has recently married, leaving Rob a little at loose ends. Fortunately for him, Liam just so happens to push all his buttons. He’s tall, commanding, and big enough to overpower Rob — who isn’t a small man, in the least.

Liam is a young man and the squad’s newest member… as well as its tallest, and the one with the reddest hair. However, unknown to Rob, Liam also knows Isadore Woolfe, who is mentoring him in the arts of domination and bondage. It doesn’t take Liam long to realize the effect he has on Rob, or that Rob is wiling to bend the rules and skirt propriety in order to submit to Liam’s desires.

While pining over Liam, Rob strikes up a friendship with Sanjay and soon realizes that the feelings he’s developing for the man aren’t one sided. It’s Sanjay, though, who makes the first move (while wearing a red turban, a color usually reserved for weddings), taking Rob to bed. When the two are discovered by Liam, Rob realizes how very much he wants to take a chance of the young giant, though he doesn’t want to give up the potential relationship between he and Sanjay.

Fortunately for Rob, who lives a little much in his own head, his new dom isn’t asking him to do much thinking. Just obeying. Rob, Liam, and Sanjay make an adorable couple. Rob wants to kneel at Liam’s feet and worship him while, at the same time, he wants to treasure Sanjay, to be his lover and his friend. It’s interesting to see a triangle where all three sides are so very different; while two of them are very much in the BDSM world, Sanjay just wants lovers, though he isn’t adverse to watching Liam and Rob together — and might not, in the future, be unwilling to try out the life style, himself.

This is a hot, cute, fun little romance. It’s full of laughter, friendship, and fun and my only problem with it is that the story was over too fast. There’s no overt bondage in this book, other than a bit of light spanking and some restraint with a tie, and I think it’s charming enough that even those not really into BDSM could and should enjoy this story. I haven’t read anything by this author before this story, but  intend to read much more of her in the future.