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Length: Novel

One-Eyed Royals continues the Seven of Spades series. All of the books are built upon the previous ones and reading this review could expose spoilers for the previous books.

Levi and Dominic have broken up, but they can’t quite keep their hands off of each other and their intimate time has turned somewhat brutal. With Dominic gambling again and his life one hand short of collapse, Levi can’t be with him, but he also can’t stay away. The guys need each other more than ever as the Seven of Spades is everywhere they turn.

Levi and Dominic keep crossing paths in the serial killer investigation, as well as a kidnap and ransom ring, with Levi leading the case for the police and Dominic uncovering information as a PI. They’re not working together, but they should be, and they wind up with little choice but to join forces once again for the good of the cases.

But with Levi investigating this new case, the Seven of Spades goes all out to keep his attention. The latest victims have a personal connection to Levi and Levi is under new suspicion. The Seven of Spades won’t let up and the pressure is mounting. Levi and Dominic are pulled in all directions and they all lead back to a serial killer with no intention of stopping.

This book was awesome—can I just say that and have you read it or start book one of this amazing series? One-Eyed Royals is not intended to be read as a standalone and it follows Levi and Dominic in their quest to unmask the serial killer known as the Seven of Spades.

This book picks up with Levi and Dominic still broken up and Dominic fully drowning in his gambling addiction. They are miserable apart and will occasionally still find themselves together some evenings, but they have nothing resolved and they will lash out at each other. Dominic is in denial he has a problem. Levi knows he has rage issues amongst other problems, but with a serial killer demanding his attention, he doesn’t quite have the time to deal with anything and he has moments of barely hanging on.

The latest victims are intimately connected to Levi and I saw this connection coming from book one, but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment of seeing it play out. Like the previous book, this book has another case running parallel to the Seven of Spades killings, and there is a lot at play as the book follows both cases separately and then to the inevitable overlap. The story moves fast and it’s not the book you want to put down and the tension keeps building and building and the pace is perfect.

Kingsbridge still keeps the character development high, as well as the action, and that’s an amazing draw for me where the relationship stays as focused as the action. In the midst of so much story and action, the character development is still amazing and the balance between the two is incredibly well done. There were a few areas that when they came together I hesitated on and had to let it go for the sake of the overall story, which at this point was a little disappointing. But, so many scenes, from hand to hand combat, to violence with weapons, to their personal relationship, show what Levi and Dominic are made of and one scene after the next is exceedingly well executed and the focus never wavers. While I do have my thoughts as to who the killer may be, the author has done an exceptional job of keeping the intrigue high and keeping the killer predominantly under wraps, which makes the entire series a win for me. By the end of this book, it’s impossible not to be attached to Levi and want to see him rise up to take down a killer. I am anxiously awaiting December, as the last month could possibly bring my most anticipated book of the year.

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