Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Mallory knows she’s weird, and owns it. But that doesn’t stop her from being insecure. Her closest friend is someone who lives an ocean away, and Mallory doesn’t deal well with people in person. So when she meets her client, Corinne Ibori, she’s dumbstruck by the gorgeous woman. Corinne is everything Mallory could want, but she doesn’t know how to read Corinne.

When Corrinne asks Mallory out, Mallory can’t believe someone like Corinne would be interested in someone like her. Shy, awkward, and not all that fashionable, Mallory is the complete opposite of the put-together Corinne. But Corinne quickly shows Mallory just how alluring she finds her, and to prove it, Corinne fills Mallory’s fantasy.

For the New-To-Me Author Week, I snapped up this little gem of a story. I don’t read much F/F, but this one definitely caught my interest. And Rhodes has a poetic, smooth style that really kept the story flowing. I enjoyed both characters so much, and this erotic short story definitely has sweet undertones.

Mallory is the kind of character I love to read, and in Rhodes’ hands, she came off as quirky and endearing. Yes, she was also kind of a hot mess. But she was fully aware of her own insecurities. Didn’t mean she knew how to get past them, but she knows they’re there. This story is told from Mallory’s first person POV and so we really get to follow along in her thought process and watch as she unfolded and bloomed. I really enjoyed the character Rhodes created, and Mallory was showcased to perfection.

I loved the mysterious Corinne too, and if I had one complaint about this story, it was that we didn’t get to know her more. She’s so comfortable in herself and in what she wants, and I loved that she showed hints of vulnerability too. While I would have liked to see more of her thoughts, I loved how easily she got Mallory and the way she did everything she could to put Mallory at ease. The chemistry between the two MCs was smoking hot and just leapt off the page.

For as short as this story is, there’s a lot going on, and it’s everything a short story should be. Good pace, great characters, sweet, and nice heat. I loved watching Mallory come into her own, and this is an author I’ll happily pick up again.

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