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Remy Sean, former Disney star and current pop superstar, is riding high until one night in Athens where a terrifying event causes him to be afraid of all the crowds and lose his mojo when it comes to writing new music. His manager, Buddy, has the idea that sending Remy to an out of the way ranch to get some peace and quiet might help.

Jed Riley runs that ranch. He’s Buddy’s son, but they’re somewhat estranged. Buddy doesn’t want anything to do with the ranch, but refuses to give up his share of it. Jet is not enthused about having Remy there, but Buddy promises to turn over his share if Jed agrees to do this.

It turns out Remy had been to the ranch before. Buddy brought him there when he was a young, promising singer, but left him on his own most of the time. Remy developed a crush on Jed, but Jed was older and, even though he was nice to him, he didn’t see Remy as anything but a kid.

Now, years later, Remy has to convince Jed he’s more than just someone he’s saddled with for a price, but Jed only has his eyes on the prize…becoming sole owner of the ranch. Can the men learn to tolerate each other? Can a romance blossom between complete opposites? And can Remy and Jed compromise with their very different lives?

I really enjoyed this book! Opposites attract stories are a favorite of mine, and Rocking the Cowboy didn’t disappoint. The author wrote two compelling main characters who I got attached to right away. Even though they were nothing alike, Remy and Jed were both good men. Remy was used to screaming fans and ass kissing sycophants and became spoiled, but deep down, he was still the boy who’d lost his father and was placed with Buddy to be molded into a star. Jed was always quiet and reserved. All he cared about was the ranch. He and his sister had always taken the back seat to whatever Buddy was involved with…missed birthdays, graduations, and other milestones. It left him resentful and a little sad.

Together, Remy and Jed are a bit of magic. Even though Jed was determined to keep Remy at arm’s length, Remy’s charm and sweetness begins to melt that resolve. This isn’t a long book, so their relationship begins rather quickly after they do a little bonding. That’s more than ok. It needed to be this way, not just for the timeline, but with the strength of their feelings toward each other. Their scenes together were sweet and revealing, and the sex was smoking hot. The chemistry was palpable and just leaped off the page.

I enjoyed the ranch setting, and I loved how Remy asked Jed to put him to work. He wasn’t content to just lay around and watch it all happening around him. He learned quickly and was willing to muck out stalls and get into the chicken coop. I loved how Jed taught Remy to ride a horse so he could take him to all his favorite places on the ranch. I found it to be completely charming, and I smiled through most of the story.

There was a bit of a subplot. Jed’s sister, Melanie, is getting married. She’s asked Buddy to walk her down the aisle. Jed, knowing Buddy, insists that as a part of the deal he actually show up at the wedding and do what he’s supposed to do. To me, it only served to bring Jed and Melanie closer, and to make Jed realize he was truly in love with Remy. It was nicely written and it fit in with the larger narrative without overwhelming it.

As far as background characters, the major one is Buddy. He’s a despicable person who cared for nothing but the almighty dollar. He’s a user and isn’t even trying to hide it. His discussion with Jed about the wedding was upsetting, and his treatment of Remy that night was even more upsetting. He is, quite simply, an asshole. There are a few other characters, such as Melanie, members of Remy’s band, and Remy’s ex, Nikky…who is also a jerk. Every one of these people fit into the story and play their roles perfectly.

The end took a bit of an unexpected turn. Again, I found myself charmed and smiling. It was always going to be a happily ever after for Remy and Jed, but there was a little more to it, and I really enjoyed that.

I highly recommend this one. If you like hot, brooding cowboys; spoiled pop stars with a heart; or people deciding just what family means, Rocking the Cowboy is definitely for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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