Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Shaker of Earth is the fifth and final book in Season 2 of Jordan L. Hawk’s incredible SPECTR serial. As such, this review will have spoilers for earlier installments in the series.This story picks up immediately after Breaker of Chains ends.

Caleb and Gray have been attacked by Yuri and Dru and left for dead. Yuri and Dru are now continuing their rampage against the city of Charleston, turning innocent people into demons who are wreaking havoc on the city. Caleb and Gray are devastated by John’s rejection after they attacked a (rogue and dangerous) fellow agent, but they are also determined to do whatever it takes to stop Yuri and Dru from continuing their destruction.

For his part, John is learning more about what really happened to incite Caleb and Gray’s attack, as well as more about the way Yuri and Dru have been manipulating everyone. While he is desperate to find Caleb and Gray, right now SPECTR’s job is to figure out a way to stop the drakul and his host before they destroy the city. Things aren’t helped by the fact that John’s boss at SPECTR still has it out for Caleb and Gray and would be happy to see them dead. John knows if Barillo and his team get to them first, he won’t hesitate to shoot to kill.

Stopping Yuri and Dru seems next to impossible, particularly with Caleb and Gray weakened from injury and Yuri’s ability to draw in demons to feed at will. Now John, Caleb, Gray, Zahira, and the rest of the team must work together to stop Yuri and Dru before the city is destroyed and the drakul’s violence can no longer be contained.

Well, Jordan L. Hawk left our heroes in quite a mess at the end of the last installment of this serial, so I have been eagerly awaiting this final book to see how they manage to make it out of danger. This story is a fabulous final installment for season two, filled with excitement, suspense, and thrills as John, Caleb, and Gray try to defeat Yuri and Dru. It is full of energy and excitement and the first portion of the book is non-stop intensity. We get a bit of a break for John to reconnect with Caleb and Gray (and for us to catch our breath), but this is a high octane story and I just found myself swept away in the excitement.

Hawk has been building this conflict all season, as we start off with John, Caleb, and Gray on the outs with their boss at SPECTR. Throughout the individual installments, we have seen them struggle against Barillo and the way his fear and hatred have made him lash out at the men. We have also followed along with the developing relationship between Caleb and Gray with the only other human/drakul pair that exists in Yuri and Dru. Slowly we have seen the friendship grow, but also learned that there is a lot more going on. So this story really pulls all that together in a wonderful way, giving us resolution on both the job front and with Yuri and Dru. I’ll admit, I never expected the direction things would go at the end, but it is perfect and leaves the men in the right place for more adventures to come.

I have said this many times, but Hawk is one of my all-time favorite authors and their work is just incredible. This is a series that I think at times gets overlooked in favor of some of the author’s more well-known work, but I really find it just fabulous. This story is everything that I love about this series — exciting, romantic, fabulous world building, and wonderful characters. Hawk wraps things up just perfectly here and I am so excited for future seasons.