Story Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.75 stars

Narrator: NIck J. Russo
Length: 10 hours, 23 minutes

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Ryan “Angel” Morgan and Dante James are partners both at work in their photography business, as well as at home. The guys have been together for twelve years and are deeply committed to one another. One day, while shooting a wedding, the bride’s brother, Jordan Steele, catches both their eyes. Dante and Angel find Jordan smoking hot, and when he hires them to do some photography for his horse ranch, they all get to know each other even better. It is clear that the chemistry is hot between all three men.

Angel and Dante are both Doms, so they often add a third man into their sexual relationship to give them a chance to be with a submissive. As it turns out, Jordan has been eager to explore submission, so the guys decide to try moving their friendship to a sexual and Dom/sub relationship. As it turns out, the fire that has burned among all three of them blazes even hotter when they get in bed together. Both Dante and Angel have a chance to work with a sub, and Jordan finds exactly what he is looking for with the two men.

The relationship with the three of them is supposed to be temporary and just about the sex. But before they know it, the guys are falling for each other romantically. Now Dante and Angel worry about how their feelings for Jordan may affect the relationship between them. And Jordan fears coming between the men he loves, or ending up being the odd man out if things fall apart. Now the guys must trust one another and talk things out if there is a chance that they can make a relationship work for all three of them.

I first read this book years ago when it was originally released, so I was eager for the chance to check it out in audio and see if it lived up to my memories. And I am happy to say the story is just as fun and sexy as I remembered. As with many of Witt’s books, this one is very sex heavy, and much of the story focuses on these guys in bed. Jordan is exploring submission for the first time, and Dante and Angel love showing him all the kinky things the three of them can do together. The story is crazy hot, and as I said, very sex heavy. I did feel like I would have liked to see a little more time with the three guys outside of bed. There are virtually no scenes with them hanging out or interacting aside from when they are having sex, or talking about having sex. And for me to believe in them falling for one another for more than lust, I needed to see that they could have a relationship outside the bedroom. This is especially true as Jordan questions how he fits in to the existing relationship, and how he keeps from being the odd man out, especially if things don’t end up working out. And honestly, I had trouble seeing how they actually were on equal footing given how little time we see them establishing their relationship outside the bedroom. So I would have liked to see that explored more.

I listened to this in audio with narrator Nick J. Russo and I think he did a fabulous job here. The three men had distinct voices and it was always easy to tell who was speaking or whose POV we were in. The guys voices also reflected their personalities well, and Russo does a great job bringing them to life. As I said, this book is chock full of intimate scenes, and Russo handles them so well. The intensity, the whispers in an ear, the tension as the guys tease Jordan into delirium… it all comes through perfectly. I think this is a story that really needs a strong narrator to carry those scenes and Russo excels here. The only misstep for me is with regard to Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, Eli. I know he is supposed to be douchey and we are supposed to hate him, but his voice is so smarmy and obnoxious it felt somewhat over the top. I needed to believe that Jordan would have actually loved this guy at some point, and so he felt a bit too much for me. But overall, I think Russo did great here and it elevated an already entertaining story.

So I really enjoyed this book and found the audio to be excellent. If you are looking for a story exploring a sexual relationship among three men with some kink thrown in, definitely give Out of Focus a try.


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