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Length: Novel

A small group of humans has come up with a serum that will not only be able to keep werewolves from shifting, it will also keep them from reproducing. This group also runs a sex trafficking ring where they kidnap omega wolves. They use that same serum to keep these omegas in a state of constant heat. There’s a secret nightclub (think dungeon) where humans pay an extraordinary amount of money to come and have sex with these wolves.

There’s another group of sorts. They are determined to break up the sex trafficking ring and arrest and convict the evil people who are trying to destroy the wolves. They’ve sent Jax, human lover of David (an alpha) and Brooks (a beta), undercover to gain intel about what’s happening. In the process Jax has had to marry Blake, the son of a man who is heavily involved in the plot to eliminate wolves from the world. Jax must do a lot of things he hates to keep everyone from learning he’s a spy. These things make him depressed and ashamed.

Eventually, the authorities, along with several wolf packs, break up the ring and arrest the people in charge. The omegas are saved and given an antidote to combat the serum they were given. After this, it becomes a waiting game to see if it will work because, along with the stolen omegas, one of the Cascade City pack’s omegas is pregnant and he was given the serum.

I’ve been reading and reviewing Rebecca James’ wolf pack stories from the very beginning. I have a special place in my heart for wolf shifters and mpreg. Now, I know the mpreg thing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a very important part of this book and the previous one in the Cascade City Pack series, as well as many of the author’s other series.

I will tell you, there are a lot of things going on in Breaking the Bonds. The main plot involves Jax and his infiltration into the small faction that wants to destroy wolves forever. This undercover operation takes him away from his beloved wolf lovers. Not only that, but he actually married one of these evil people, leaving the three men angry, frustrated, and sad.

There are two secondary plots. One involves Leo and Sam. Leo is the pack alpha’s third in the pack’s leadership and Sam is Leo’s husband. He’s pregnant, but he’s been darted with the serum and is having a difficult and frightening pregnancy. Sam volunteers to be a test subject for the antidote because he’s willing to do anything he can to save his cub and be able to have cubs in the future.

Next we have Mark and Jamie. Mark is a human and Jamie is a rescued omega. They feel so strongly for each other, Mark broke up with his long time human girlfriend because he can’t get Jamie off his mind. Their love burns bright and Mark is giving very serious thought to accepting Jamie’s bite so he can become a wolf.

I enjoyed this book, but I will say it felt a little long. I wasn’t bothered by the multiple couples. I got used to this idea from reading the author’s previous books. I did have to pay attention, though. Some of it was very intense. Jax had to do some pretty awful things to convince the bad guys he was with them. I don’t want to give too much away, but once the ring was broken up, Jax almost didn’t return to his lovers because of his overwhelming guilt. Even though Jax isn’t my favorite character in the stories, I really felt for him. However, reading the earlier scenes, I felt a lump in my stomach. Jax is written extremely well. His pain and guilt were palpable and I wanted him back in David and Brooks’ arms, like, yesterday.

Speaking of extremely well written characters…every single person in this book is perfectly written. The good guys are awesome and the bad guys are infuriating and disgusting. Even though there is so much going on, we’re still able to get a sense of what they’re thinking and feeling. I was impressed.

As I said, I don’t want to give anything away and it’s tough not to do that. I honestly feel this book needs to be read to truly appreciate what’s happening. The final third of Breaking the Bonds is very exciting with a fair amount of action. It was also completely compelling. I read it from beginning to end in one sitting. I didn’t want to put it down. I just had to know what was next. Rebecca James’ writing style is quite smooth and the flow between chapters and couples was seamless. I was never lost or confused. It was obvious that James did a lot of research when assembling the plot. Again, I’ll say I was impressed.

The end, while setting up another book, was great. There’s nothing really neat or tidy about it, and that’s the way it should be. It made me excited to see what’s coming next. I didn’t feel cheated out of anything because nothing tied up with a pretty ribbon. This series has endless possibilities and the potential to be a long and gripping series.

I do not recommend you make Breaking the Bonds your first story by the author. There’s some exposition, but not nearly enough to truly grasp the characters’ personalities, the reason the men in the Cascade City pack are there in the first place, and the balance involving the different plotlines without having read some of the other books. I definitely recommend you read the River Wolf Pack series first. For sure read A New Beginningthe first in the Cascade City books. Not only will you need these stories to get to know all the characters, but they’re just great books. The writing is excellent. The characters are interesting and multi dimensional. The romances are sweet, and the sex scenes are HOT!!

If you’re already a fan of shifters and mpreg, this series is perfect for you. If you’ve never read anything like this before, this is a great introduction to the genre. I cannot recommend it enough, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next.