Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Mitchell has been in love with his best friend Craig for years, but has never found the courage to say anything. Now that they’ve graduated college, Craig proposes a road trip through Missouri, doing all the touristy things they don’t normally do as locals. It’s a farewell trip before they move to opposite sides of the country. And even though Mitch knows being in close proximity to Craig is a bad idea, he can’t say no.

Craig has been in love with Mitch for years as well, ever since he came to terms with his bisexuality. But taking the leap from friends to lovers seems like too much to hope for. However, with them both moving, Craig knows that now it’s time to take the chance or lose it forever.

The road trip has it’s awkward moments as both men keep themselves from saying what’s in their heart, and on the rare occasions they do, playing it off as a joke. But one night the passion flares and that finally leads to actually seeing one another. It still takes them a bit to actually talk, but when they do, their future unfurls. There’s no way that Mitch and Craig can be apart.

Gateway to Love is another book in the Dreamspinner Press States of Love line, and this one is a great addition. Brook manages to create two wonderful characters and showcase the Show Me state with some of it’s finest attractions. Let me start there. I loved the road trip angle, and I really thought the author did a good job of giving the reader a taste of Missouri. A key component to this line is giving the state in question it’s due right along with the characters. Not every book I’ve read hit the mark in that regard for me, but this one definitely does. If you’ve never been to Missouri, or if it’s your home state, this book will give you a lovely view of Missouri.

I adored both MCs. They are sweet and insecure, but also so much in love with each other that it just leaps off the page. I’m a fan of friends to lovers, and I loved that Brook managed to make them both awkward about it while also showing the depth of their affection. Of course, the guys don’t talk when they should (and my only issue with this book is that it dragged on too long for my liking), but in the end, they finally have the conversation and the payoff is fantastic. Both characters were well drawn, so it was easy to see why the hesitated and where their fears were. And I really enjoyed that they were both big hearted people, trying to do good things with their futures. They really are perfect for each other, and it’s clear to everyone but them.

The chemistry was spot on, and definitely carried throughout the book. When the MCs got to the physical side of things, everything really took off. A lot of time is spent in both characters’ heads—the story is told in alternating 3rd person POV—and we get to really understand both their emotions. I loved seeing them get to the good place and embark on a future together.

All in all, this is a sweet, fluffy read, that really leaves you with a happy smile on your face. It does everything a book in this line is supposed to do by leaving you with a sense of the state and solidly in love characters. This is an easy recommendation.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.