Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Sawyer Smith is The Chosen One. He never saw that coming. He didn’t even know anyone was looking for one, let alone his closest friend, who is not only his mate and guardian, but also a dragon shifter. Sawyer also has several other mates, who are also his guardians, and Sawyer has had a lot to wrap his head around in a short amount of time. His life is in danger as there are those that want to eliminate him. The Chosen One is human and a magical null—let’s just say there are those who don’t believe and want him eliminated.

When danger strikes close to home, Sawyer and his mates go to visit Eduard’s griffin family who give him an icy welcome. But the danger is everywhere and when Sawyer’s life is in jeopardy, the next guardian and mate appears. There is someone hunting Sawyer and for all the guardians and magic that surrounds him, he may have to save himself.

The Chosen One series is one I find simply fun to read. It’s more the characters themselves as Blake has set up a number of unique and interesting paranormal characters and Sawyer’s mates are a dragon shifter, a griffin, a vampire, and a seer. There is also the introduction to the next shifter guardian and mate who is another rare creature; oh, and then one more guardian, but we don’t learn much about him yet.

This book builds off of the first story and I would not recommend reading this one without reading the first in the series, All or Nothing, as that is where the characters are introduced, as well as the entire framework of the story. The book opens with Sawyer in danger and the entire group relocating to Eduard’s family estate. The griffins are an interesting group and it was fun to learn about where Eduard comes from. We also get a little back story on Henry, but there are so many characters competing with the larger plot that it’s still difficult to really know them all at this point, and that is one area that was missing some for me.

The idea of going to the griffin estate is to keep Sawyer safe. I rolled my eyes then when this veers off course. The main focus of all of the guardians is to keep Sawyer safe. This is what they have trained for their entire lives, yet Sawyer isn’t safe and that was frustrating and it was seemingly way too easy to get to him. The book also doesn’t advance the plot all that much as we see Sawyer adjusting to his new life and then fighting for his life, and what The Chosen One is truly needed for is still a little murky.

The men are also finding their way in a relationship among all of them. There isn’t a lot of overall relationship development seen as the fated mates aspect takes over and the men all adjust to being with each other with ease. Yet, it’s clear the pull they have toward each other and the family they want to create around them and the heat between them all remains turned up high. They willingly accept a new guardian into their group, but he still has to wrap his head around all of the changes in his life. The book is still introducing new characters while also trying to advance the existing relationships and the overall plot. There is a lot going on and maybe it starts sliding off course in some places, but the characters are great, the intimate scenes are hot and varied, and the series as a whole offers great entertainment.