Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Saint and Lucky have only been together for a few months, but it’s been long enough to fall in love and have Lucky move across the country to be with Saint. There are a lot of changes for Lucky, moving from a small town to LA and being in a relationship with a man for the first time. Saint is solid in his career, but he never thought he would be in a committed relationship and he’s determined to make it work with Lucky.

But Lucky feels out of place in Saint’s world and Saint doesn’t know how to bridge that gap. Saint won’t talk about what happened with his family and his recent loss and his main focus is keeping Lucky happy. That works fine when the two of them are alone and away from the stress of the outside world. Lucky and Saint need learn how to have their own lives while still remaining a united couple and it will take work on both of their parts to make forever a reality.

Something About Us directly follows Something About You and is not intended to stand alone. This book follows Lucky and Saint as Lucky moves to LA to be with Saint. I liked the first book and was interested to see what the next chapter would be for the guys.

The story followed an expected track as the guys encounter growing pains they weren’t anticipating. They know they love each other, but they didn’t realize how much work it would be to fit each other into their lives. Lucky is out of his element in a big city and while Saint has plenty of money for the both of them, Lucky is eager to find a job. Saint is dealing with the changes in his life that come with being in a relationship for the first time, as well as dealing with the emotions of losing his grandmother. Saint and Lucky want to talk to each other, and they do about some things, but they also get defensive and don’t know how to talk about other things.

Lucky is figuring out a lot about himself with how he wants to dress and what makes him feel secure. He’s branching out, but it’s a process. There is never a doubt about how the guys feel about each other and their dedication to make it work, and the book is about the journey of how they get there.

I have read many of Hart’s books and her earlier works resonated with me. While I liked the story here, as well as both Saint and Lucky, the writing itself was simplistic and basic for me. It had sense of the author’s writing style going backward instead of advancing or even staying on the level that it was. That was my interpretation and it cooled my overall enjoyment of this one.

Something About Us is a character-driven novel and if you have read the first part of Saint and Lucky’s relationship, it’s hard not to answer the call of seeing how they progress in joining their lives together.