Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Justin Moore is happy. Like really, truly, all the way down to his bones happy. After everything he’s been through, he wasn’t sure that could happen. But he has a job he loves, and his boyfriend, rockstar Kris Starr, is the love of his life. Kris is perfect for him, and so understanding both of the trauma Justin endured and Justin’s half-demon status.

Justin knows Kris has got a secret. But since Kris is empathetic, Justin knows that it’s a good one. A happy one. And he’s content to wait until Kris is ready to share. When one moment changes everything, Justin is going to get everything he’s ever dreamed of.

This short story is a companion to A Demon for Midwinter, and it’s the absolutely perfect coda to that book. If you’ve read my review, you know how much I enjoyed it, and I loved this little slice of happily ever after with Justin and Kris. It can’t be read as a standalone, but I urge you to read both the novel and this short story that goes with it.

Once again, I’m astounded by Noone’s poetic style. It really lends a mystical air to the story as a whole, and the lyricism swept me away and kept me riveted to every page. Justin’s happiness just pours out of the book, and the descriptive passages heighten everything. It’s a quick read, but I was completely immersed in the story and the time it took to read just flew by in the best possible way.

On top of the writing, it was great to see Justin so at peace and happy (and yes, I’ve used that word a lot but it’s the perfect descriptor for Justin in this story) after everything he’s been through. His love for Kris just shines through, and Kris’s love for Justin is as equally obvious. I loved seeing these guys again, and knowing, well and truly, that they get their HEA.

So yes, it is short and quick, and filled with amazing writing and so much happy, I felt it in my soul. I loved getting this wrap up, and seeing both the MCs in such a good place. Definitely pick it, and its predecessor, up.