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Cal Croft, billionaire, and Matthew Darcy, struggling novelist and part time floral delivery man, are back and this time they’re about to be married. They and their merry band of friends are in Italy where Cal has hired a wedding planner to make sure he gives Matthew the wedding of his dreams. Of course, being Cal and Matthew, their road to happiness has a few potholes. Cal’s mother appears out of the blue wanting to be a part of their lives again and she creates chaos. Matthew and their friends (with the exception of his brother Angus) don’t trust her motives, so Mathew has to tread carefully to keep his beloved from making a terrible mistake.

Through it all, there is love and laughter…lots of laughter. And, of course, because it’s Matthew and Cal, a delightful happily ever after.

I loved the first book in this series, The Billionaire’s Boyfriendso much. When I found out there was a sequel, I jumped on it quick enough to make your head spin. Cal and Matthew worked their way into my heart, and they’ve been there since. Now, with The Billionaire’s Wedding, they’ve solidified themselves as one of my favorite couples ever.

The author wrote two amazing characters. Both men are good, nice guys. There isn’t an evil bone in their bodies. Their love for each other is strong and pure. There was some angst, but it was such a teeny tiny amount, I didn’t feel any urge to skim until I found happiness again. With Cal and Matthew, it didn’t matter that Cal had more money than anyone could spend in a lifetime, or that Matthew hasn’t been successful in his pursuit to be a best selling author, they just clicked. They had chemistry to spare, and not just in the bedroom…although they had some serious chemistry in there. I was able to feel the pull between them, and most of all, I found it to be completely believable. Ok, not everyone meets a billionaire who sweeps them off their feet and whisks them and their friends to Italy to marry them, but I believe it could happen. Fantasy meets reality here, and that formula is perfection.

There are some important background characters in the story who, with the exception of Cal and Angus’ mother, are an absolute delight. There’s Tilly. She’s a precocious 12/13-year-old genius. We also meet Mrs. Mulroney, the owner of the flower shop with a penchant for heavy drinking and Mr. Banks, an elderly man who, if he’s to be believed, has had some spectacular adventures, but he’s a bit senile so it’s possible it’s all in his head. Angus is Cal’s brother. He has Down’s Syndrome and a wicked sense of humor. There’s Sergio. He’s the wedding planner Cal hired. Sergio is well and truly a jerk. He’s got a crush on Cal and he’s determined Matthew won’t play any part in planning his own wedding. He’s snarky and smarmy, but he’s amusing. Finally there is Donatella (but just Donna, really), Cal and Angus’ mother who abandoned them when Angus was eight and Cal was one. She’s quite the bitch, but I think you should read the book to see just how much.

I’d love to give everything away here, but I just can’t. This is a hilarious, but romantic, story, and there’s no way I can sum up just how great it is. I’m terrible with retelling funny stuff. It’s not my strong suit, but let me give you an example. Here’s a quote from Mrs. Mulroney:

“Sweet Jesus locked in a Southern jail cell with a three-hundred pound momma named Bertha!”

There were occasions where I laughed so hard, I shook the bed and knocked a cat right off.

The ending of The Billionaire’s Wedding was perfection. It wrapped up exactly how it needed to, and I was more than satisfied. It also left room for a third installment of the series (I can’t wait!), but it was still a happily ever after…no cliffhangers here. I suppose you could read this book as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you read book one The Billionaire’s Boyfriend first. Not only will it make it easier for you to follow along in book two, but by itself, it’s just as awesome as this one.

Please do yourself a favor and get this book. Get both books. Pre-order book three. Do it all. If you need something that will tickle your funny bone and make your heart warm and happy, this is absolutely for you.

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