Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Adam Barrow owns a construction company and while he’s successful at a young age, his days and nights are lonely. In need of additional help, Adam hires Johnny Sparrow. Johnny told Adam up front that he’s leaving the country in four months, but Johnny has excellent skills and both the business and Adam are doing better in Johnny’s capable hands.

Adam is shy and awkward and has little experience with men. He has no idea why a guy ten years his senior and as good looking as Johnny is interested in him, but Johnny is indeed interested. But unexplained things happen as Johnny and Adam work side by side, and there are unidentified noises and strange mists that follow them home. Adam knows he wants to be with Johnny, but he’s not as sure about the visitors in their bedroom, and Johnny has to figure out how to soothe the spirits that seek him while holding onto the man that owns his heart.

This book opened in a style I like where we see Adam and Johnny meet several months in the past. We then alternate briefly between past and present as we learn about the relationship between the men and then the fact they are currently not together.

The book is titled The Reluctant Ghost Whisperer and that is what Johnny is seen to be. The men spend time working together, but something about the two of them together brings Johnny’s abilities more front and center. The guys fall for each other and they have a tender relationship and that aspect worked fairly well for me. The overall style of writing however, was a little fuzzy.

The men work on a property that doesn’t feel right to either of them and then unexplained things start to happen and the ghost aspect didn’t work as well for me. There is mention of a box and blue lights and then sightings of spirits and it was all too basic for me and not nearly explained in any kind of depth. The stories of what the spirits wanted didn’t add anything to this book for me and while Johnny and Adam seem to be committed to each other, the rest of the story around them didn’t engage me as much.

The book is shorter and there is not a lot of backstory on either man and their story is mostly in the moment since their meeting. It is listed as book one in a series and the ending leaves it wide open for more ghostly adventures between the pair. Being this close to Halloween, if you were looking for a shorter story with ghosts that starts a series, you could look into this one, but overall, the supernatural aspect didn’t impress me much.