Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Jaxon Powers lives a life only few can afford. A mega music star, Jaxon is used to having everything he wants at his fingertips, be it a lavish hotel complete with his very own butler, or a party with plenty of sex, booze, and drugs on hand. But it’s his music that really makes Jaxon feel alive and the only thing that really makes him happy. When the State Department approaches Jaxon about doing a concert in a foreign country where freedom is nonexistent, Jaxon hesitates only briefly before adopting his usual ‘what the hell’ attitude and agreeing. Now stuck with a guy named Reid Stanfill who appears to have little more than contempt for Jaxon, the two men go inside the Iron Curtain and on a mission that Jaxon never signed on for and that he and Reid may never return from alive.

Kim Fielding offers up a tale of espionage, danger, and a little romance on the side in her latest release, The Spy’s Love Song. With fast-paced action, a little taste of rock and roll, and a growing relationship trying to survive all the chaos, we meet Reid and Jaxon and learn their story. Jaxon left the small town in Nebraska where he grew up as soon as he could. With his guitar strapped to his back and a few dollars in his pocket, he managed to do the impossible—become a star with eight Grammy awards and counting to his name. But letters to home go unanswered and there is a hole in his heart where his family once was and Jaxon’s life is more empty than full these days.

Reid is all about the job; wearing his suit like a badge of honor and stealing secrets for the government means he is a loner by choice. He underestimates Jaxon, labeling him as a spoiled star who uses people and money without care, but as the noose tightens around their necks and Reid’s life is threatened, he soon realizes that there is more to Jaxon Powers than he ever realized possible. As the two men run for their lives, they begin to see each other as they truly are and slowly the intense attraction they have blossoms into something more.

The story is intense and riveting as the two men claw their way to freedom that seems a distant win at best. The author focuses more on the self discovery that Jaxon undergoes during his nightmarish run from capture, allowing us to see who the real man is beneath the star-studded exterior. While this novel doesn’t necessarily break any new ground and would no doubt pale in comparison to a meatier political thriller, it does a lovely job in sketching out a burgeoning romance between two men who were an unlikely pair from the start. Reid remains a rather mysterious man, but we do get a good understanding of the life Jaxon felt he needed to escape and the family roots that continue to pull at his heart. The ending was intense and, unfortunately, a bit contrived, but still this was a story meant to house a romance wrapped in a little bit of intrigue and, as such, it rose to the occasion and was successful.

The Spy’s Love Song was a sweet piece of romance buried in an entertaining, fast action story. It gives the reader the chance to enjoy a bit of political intrigue while also providing a satisfying love story. Fans of author Kim Fielding will find her usual solid storytelling and interesting characters in this novel and enjoy meeting these two fascinating men.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.