Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 8 hours, 22 minutes

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I have been a big fan of Eden Winters’ Diversion series since I read the first book, Diversion, back in 2012. I recommend this series to readers all the time. The books are fabulous romantic suspense and I don’t feel they get the attention they deserve for some reason. The series features odd couple Lucky Lucklighter, an ex con who is paying off his debt to society by working at the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, and his new partner, Bo Schollenberger. It starts off as somewhat of an enemies to lovers scenario as Lucky is just about done his time and isn’t thrilled to have a brand new partner just when he was hoping to ease out over his last few weeks. The two are assigned to investigate a case where prescription drugs are being diverted from the supply chain to high-paying clients. It is an interesting case and I love how it focuses on the prescription side of the war on drugs (as do many of the books in the series) as this is an angle we don’t see often. If you want to know more about the story and my thoughts, check out my original review (note this was written for the Amber Quill version, but the books have subsequently been rereleased by the author).

I am coming at this audio having read all the books in the series thus far, and I loved revisiting the first book and seeing how far these guys have come. Lucky is prickly and grumpy and kind of arrogant and wants nothing to do with Bo, but Bo doesn’t take his crap and pushes on. These guys grow so much over this series, whether it is Lucky learning to be more open with his heart, or Bo facing demons from his past, and it was fun to see them here again as they just are starting out. There are little hints of things to come that I missed the first time around and loved the way Winters has grown their relationship, as well as the overarching series plots over the course of the books.

I really enjoyed revisiting this story in audio. First off, as I said, I really love this series and it was nice to jump back in from the beginning. But I also think narrator Darcy Stark did a really nice job with this one. He gets Lucky’s ornery attitude and southern drawl just perfectly, and Bo softer demeanor comes through well. The pacing and timing are good and there is a great flow to the story. The major side characters are also well done, though this story focuses almost exclusively on Bo and Lucky, as well as their boss, Walter. My only slight hitch is that while Lucky is our POV character and speaks with a strong accent, the narration is done without an accent and sometimes when we moved back and forth it was a little jarring. But otherwise I thought this audio version is excellent and a great way to enjoy the book.

So as I said, I am a huge fan of this series and would recommend it highly, especially to fans of romantic suspense. The cases are interesting and exciting and not like anything else I have read. Lucky and Bo are a great oddball couple who grow and develop wonderfully over the course of the series. There is a lot to enjoy here, whether you check it out in book form or in audio.