Today I am so pleased to welcome Selina Kray to Joyfully Jay. Selina has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (which we reviewed here and gave five stars!). She has also brought along a giveaway to share. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Hi! I’m Selina Kray, and this is the second stop on the blog tour celebrating the release of Stoker & Bash: The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. A huge thanks to Jay for hosting me today!

Is there anything that holds more allure, more storytelling potential than a mysterious box? Like Schrödinger’s cat, an unopened box has everything and nothing to offer. It’s the ultimate “what if” to a writer. It gifts your story with endless possibilities… but also builds up expectations that you have to deliver on.

In 2008, J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost and director of instalments of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, gave a famous TED talk about his approach to storytelling. He began with an anecdote, that as a kid he purchased a mystery magic box in a game store and, to this day, he has never opened it. Why, you might ask?

“It represents infinite possibility. It represents hope. It represents potential. What I love about this box — and what I realized I sort of do, in whatever it is that I do — is I find myself drawn to infinite possibility and that sense of potential. And I realize that mystery is the catalyst for imagination… What are stories besides mystery boxes?” (source:

Writers, however, aren’t as lucky as famous film directors. If we introduce a mysterious box into the narrative of a novel, there better be a payoff when that box gets opened. And so I felt the pressure when I decided to include a version of prophet Joanna Southcott’s Great Box into the plot of Stoker & Bash: The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.

DI Tim Stoker and his companion Hieronymus Bash are investigating a murder on the compound of a messianic cult, the Daughters of Eden. Their long-dead prophet just so happens to have left behind a box, allegedly full of her prophecies, but possibly containing a major clue. Tim dismisses the box as not being relevant to the murder, but our favorite light-fingered faux detective, Hieronymus Bash, just can’t resist the allure of a mystery box. His own particular brand of chaos ensues.

Does Hiero succeed in opening the Daughters’ box? What clues, if any, are found inside? I hope the answers to these questions and the adventure they lead our detectives on fulfill the promise of my unopened, mysterious box.

Check out J.J. Abrams’ TED talk, definitely worth a watch:


When will She open Rebecca Northcote’s box?

Finding lost poodles and retrieving stolen baubles is not how DI Tim Stoker envisioned his partnership with his lover, Hieronymus Bash. So when the police commissioner’s son goes missing, he’s determined to help, no matter what secrets he has to keep, or from whom.

When a family member is kidnapped, Hiero moves heaven and earth to rescue them. Even if that means infiltrating the Daughters of Eden, a cult of wealthy widows devoted to the teachings of Rebecca Northcote and the mysterious contents of her box. The Daughters’ goodwill toward London’s fallen women has given them a saintly reputation, but Hiero has a nose for sniffing out a fraud. He will need to draw on some divine inspiration to rattle the pious Daughters.

Like weeds gnarling the roots of Eden’s fabled tree, Tim and Hiero’s cases intertwine. Serpents, secrets, and echoes from Hiero’s past lurk behind every branch. Giving in to temptation could bind them closer together—or sever their partnership forever. 

Stoker & Bash Series

Book #1 – The Fangs Of Scavo – Amazon US | Amazon UK


Selina Kray is the nom de plume of an author and English editor. Professionally she has covered all the artsy-fartsy bases, having worked in a bookstore, at a cinema, in children’s television, and in television distribution, up to her latest incarnation as a subtitle editor and grammar nerd (though she may have always been a grammar nerd). A self-proclaimed geek and pop culture junkie who sometimes manages to pry herself away from the review sites and gossip blogs to write fiction of her own, she is a voracious consumer of art with both a capital and lowercase A.

Selina’s aim is to write genre-spanning romances with intricate plots, complex characters, and lots of heart. Whether she has achieved this goal is for you, gentle readers, to decide. At present she is hard at work on future novels at home in Montreal, Quebec, with her wee corgi serving as both foot warmer and in-house critic.

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