Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Hugh Min was adopted by a yeti family, so he feels at home attending the College of United Monsters, or C.U.M. And he’s been crushing on the gorgeous centaur, Scott Retariat, since the sixth grade. But Hugh knows he’ll never get Scott to give him a second look. When he gets a chance to go to a party at Scott’s, Hugh doesn’t hesitate. But he accidentally ends up in Scott’s room, and hiding in Scott’s sex toy…which Scott gleefully uses.

In an effort to escape, Hugh borrows one of Scott’s shirts, which turns out to be a cherished keepsake. A convoluted plan to return it goes awry, but Scott is at Hugh’s house, ready to play Condos & Commoners, and one thing leads to another. The two finally have the discussion they should have had and gallop off into their happily ever after.

Archer blasts the fourth wall with Centaur of Attention, and takes the reader on another ridiculously amazing, fun and funny, absolutely hilarious romp. The books in the College of United Monsters series are meant to poke fun at themselves, and I enjoy every second of them. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but in the best possible way. The characters know they’re in a book (sort of) and things just get out of hand. But it’s so much fun to read, that it’s an easy recommendation.

I really enjoyed Hugh’s character. I loved that he was so obviously human, but that he was so comfortable in the monster world. I loved the way he pined after Scott, and he has the most amusing thought processes. He’s a geek in the best possible way, awkward and endearing. Scott was fun as well, and I enjoyed the way he liked Hugh back. There were layers to him I didn’t expect, and though I would have liked to see them a little earlier, I adored what was there.

Basically, it’s all about the sheer ridiculousness of it, with heat and humor thrown in. I liked these MCs even more than the ones from the first book in the series, Desires of the Deep. This series just keeps getting better and I can’t wait for the next one. If you’re look for sheer fun, hot sex, and hilarity, then this book, and the series, is the one for you.