Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Angelo has been living at the horse farm in Cornish and it agrees with him. The slower pace and being close to his therapist has made a tremendous difference on Angelo’s health and mobility as he battles chronic illness, but Dylan is in London.

Neither man wants to be apart from the other, but Dylan’s job is in London and he has no idea how he can give it all up to live on a horse farm. But there is no life without Angelo and the men are struggling when they are not together. It’s Christmas and Dylan is only spending the holidays at the farm, but he is just one solid plan away from realizing that he may already be home.

Garrett Leigh does low-key Christmas with her signature style, although with much less angst than usual from this author. And, that all worked for me as just brief mentions of the holiday are all I often prefer to read about. This book does not stand alone as it follows Angelo and Dylan from Dream, the first book in the Skins series, and also heavily features the rest of the cast from the entire series.

The book focuses on Dylan and Angelo hitting a crossroads in their life and their relationship as they struggle to find common ground with their living arrangements. The slower pace of the farm works for Angelo, but Dylan has no purpose there other than Angelo. The book is shorter and nothing is drawn out unnecessarily and the pace kept the entire book entertaining.

This book also revisits that night with Dylan, Angelo, Rhys, and Jevon. If you have read the series, you know the night in question, and Leigh gives us the full scene. Leigh sometimes holds back on the intimacy and sometimes offers a sensual take and sometimes, like here, as Dylan says, “Game on…” and the scene was certainly worth the wait.

There are happy ever afters for all the men here and Leigh sends them all off with only residual angst and lots of love all around. She captures each couple perfectly and offers romance on their own terms. Garrett Leigh is an author I look forward to with each and every book and if you have followed this series, Crossroads, is an easy choice. If you haven’t started the series yet, now would be the perfect time.