Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Tuck is returning to his dorm room, ready to tell his roommate, Sam, that he is moving out. Tuck really likes Sam, but Sam also needs a lot of care taking. And Tuck is getting kind of tired of his friends teasing him about Sam being his “wife.” But as Tuck approaches the dorm, the police put campus on lockdown and the authorities are looking for Sam. They claim he is an environmental terrorist building some sort of biological weapon. Now Tuck knows it is impossible his sweet roommate is doing anything of the sort, and there is no way he is going to let the police haul him away. So he races off to warn Sam before the police find him.

Before long, Sam and Tuck are on the run across campus, trying to stay ahead of the authorities (who are shadier than they first seem). It turns out some research Sam has been doing has gotten on the radar of the wrong people who would like to see it disappear. Now, with a little help from some friends, Tuck and Sam need to figure out a way to avoid the authorities and keep the research out of the wrong hands before the bad guys get their hands on Sam and what he has discovered.

Faith is the second book in the Graphene series and follows Chance, which started the saga. While the books are linked by the overarching series plot, and there is some side character crossover from that first story, this one actually stands alone pretty well. The books seem to take a place a couple of years apart. In the first story, Daniel and Nathan stumble across a discovery that has enormous environmental and financial repercussions. However, as we learn here, translating that discovery into everyday use has been next to impossible due to some complications and Sam’s research may help with that. So just as with the first book, the bad guys are determined to snatch the research and our heroes must stay one step ahead. This one isn’t quite as breathless as Chance, but Hellshire still takes us on a fun ride with these guys as they try to stay one step ahead of those tracking them.

The relationship end of things is pretty low key here, but we get more than in the first book. Sam and Tuck are roommates and friends, and while Tuck is planning to move out, it is also clear that he really cares about Sam. As they guys have their adventure, Tuck begins to realize just how much Sam means to him, and starts to look at him in a new light. The story has some flashbacks to events in their past relationship as Tuck begins to reflect on their connection and his feelings. I think the flashbacks helped in the sense that it gave us a feel for their relationship without having to stop and deal with it all in real time as they are fleeing for safety. But at times I found the flashbacks a little jarring to the action. The guys don’t get physical here, but they do realize the strength of their connection and move forward to an HEA.

So this is an other fun installment in an entertaining series. I enjoyed getting to revisit Daniel from Chance (and Mildred too!) and I like the way Hellshire has pulled these two stories together. The books and storyline flow nicely from one to the next, even with the different main characters. I am really excited to see where things go in the next book.