Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel

Carter thought he was going on a getaway to New Orleans with his fiancé, Matthew, but Matthew was really going to stop the wedding of his ex and profess his undying love. Link was supposed to get married, but their fiancé has just left them at the altar for Matthew. Over a few drinks, Link and Carter bond and wake up in the honeymoon suite. When they are assumed to be the newly married couple, Link and Carter spend their time together partaking of all the already scheduled newlywed activities. They don’t talk about their respective breakups and they certainly don’t talk about their attraction to each other.

Carter isn’t looking forward to returning home and breaking apart the life he shared with Matthew for seven years. But Link doesn’t seem to be an option for him and Carter has no idea if his feelings are genuine or if it’s a rebound. Carter knows he needs to make some changes in his life, and he also needs to decide if he can take a chance on Link.

This book was difficult for me from the first word as it is written in third person present, which is excruciating for me to read. It took me halfway through the book to become even a little settled with the style and then the story itself didn’t prove to be worth the effort. The book opens in Link’s POV, but then quickly switches to Carter’s where we stay for the rest of the book and Link was the more interesting character.

Link is waiting at the altar when Carter’s fiancé bursts in and declares his undying love for the bride. Link knew something felt off, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The same with Carter and even though Carter had been with Matthew for years, he was starting to go through the motions with it. That’s sort of how Carter seemed to live his life, just going through it, keeping his head down, and mostly doing what other people wanted.

The blurb suggests that Link and Carter spend a good portion of the book being mistaken for a married couple, though that’s not even a little bit true. While they do spend time taking in the honeymoon activities scheduled, it’s only briefly they are mistaken for being a couple and even then, it’s of no significant consequence to the story. Their explorations are also mundane as it read like a things to do in New Orleans check list.

Link and Carter do have a connection and Carter is accepting right away that Link is non-binary and that is an accepted part of the story. However, while on one hand it was cool to see it be no big deal and just another feature of the character, on the other hand, Link was the more interesting character and I would have liked more exploration of Link overall. As it stood, we were in Carter’s POV and he was so non-descript and didn’t capture my imagination.

Carter and Link spend some time together and then spend some time near and around and thinking about each other, but for me, it was too much in Carter’s head with him trying to figure out his next move in all of the things. Carter’s sister, Paige, is also an integral part of his life and was way too involved. She was not an enjoyable character. Yet, she was written as if her obnoxious behavior should have been likable, but it wasn’t. Carter and Link’s attitudes were also way too easy going overall for me regarding their exes and I was not onboard with how easily that all played out.

I have read other books by this author and while I liked one series, some others, like this one, haven’t worked out nearly as well.

Joyfully Jay