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Length: Novella

Xavier Knight has moved to a new city and bought a gay night club…which will be called the “Knight Club.” Get it? Anyway, Xavier is throwing himself into the club’s operations and has decided he doesn’t have room in his life for love, and also he believes he’s too old to even try. One day, he gets a call from an old friend who has a friend in need of a job and a place to live. He hopes Xavier will consider interviewing him. Xavier agrees, but is unsure what or who he’d be getting.

Sebastian Brady comes from a family of cops. He was expected to follow the tradition, and he did, but he hated it. It got even worse when he came out as gay. Suddenly, he was a pariah. Sebastian was being called derogatory names and beaten up. Soon, he had enough and quit. Now, he’ll be interviewing for a job at a night club. He’s nervous, but he’s also anxious to start a new life away from the “family business.”

Xavier does decide to hire Sebastian and they get along very well. Soon, their budding feelings become too much to battle and they begin a passionate and loving relationship. However, Sebastian’s brothers are none too happy to see he’s left the police department and one of them is out to destroy the club. Xavier’s past comes calling as well, and he and Sebastian have to work together to find their happiness and their futures.

I liked this novella. The author wrote a story with interesting character and situations. Sebastian and Xavier were both lovable. I felt sorry for Sebastian because of the way he was treated by his fellow cops. It felt very real to me. We’ve all heard that as time goes on, there is more tolerance among the police, but I still feel there is more of this sort of action than reported. Xavier was a little bit of a mystery, but soon, he’s opened like a book, and that book is a very good read. I love how he’s older than Sebastian, and along with the fact Sebastian is his employee, that stands in the way…but not for long. He made me smile a lot and the banter between him and Sebastian is witty, funny, and sweet. The two men have chemistry to spare, and they are incredibly sexy. In fact, there is quite a lot of sex in Starting Over. However, none of it is gratuitous and it just seems to fit their relationship. I mentioned an age difference, but honestly, I don’t feel it was too much of an issue. Sebastian mentioned Xavier as being a “silver fox,” but that just served to spur on my imagination 🙂

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. It’s actually pretty straightforward. There is little to no angst, and because this is the first in a series, there will be ongoing issues that began here in Starting Over. There is a lot of potential for future installments. Sebastian has two brothers, and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by telling you at least one of them will be involved. There are a few other background characters other than Sebastian’s brothers. Calypso is a flamboyant and charming server at the club. Rio is another bartender who doesn’t seem to be a nice guy, but there’s a reason, and I’m sure will be focused on in a future book. There is a brief mention of a character called Benedict Hart. He’s a professional escort. Xavier doesn’t want him in the club, but he and Calypso seem to have a nice chemistry. Several other men are mentioned briefly, and once again, there is a lot of potential for future installments in the series.

My only real issue with this novella is the fact it’s a novella. I was really into the story, and it was just…over. I wanted more…a lot more. I enjoyed Xavier and Sebastian so much, I hated to see their story end. I am keeping my fingers crossed they’ll be heavily involved in the future books in the Knights Club series. This was a great start. I have no trouble recommending this one.

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