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Length: Short Story

Preston is a 28-year-old Alpha in his wolf shifter pack. He never thought he’d find a mate because being gay in the pack is unusual. Every year, the pack has what they call the Mating Parade. Every unmated Alpha in the pack walks down the main street of town. The hope is that a few of these Alphas will sniff out a mate from the crowds who are watching. Preston doesn’t smell anyone during the parade, but he does get a sweet scent, like sugar cookies, as he ends the route. He follows it to the home John, the pack enforcer, and his mate Joanne. It seems they’ve taken in their nephew, Dylan, because he lost his family and is alone in the world. Preston realizes Dylan is his mate, but there’s just one problem…Dylan is only twelve years old!

Confusion reigns, and the decision is made to have John and his family…including and especially Dylan…move away as quickly as possible. For the next six years, Preston and Dylan exchange monitored emails and one photo each.

Fast forward and Dylan is 18 and he’s returned to the pack so he can be with the Alpha he’s been waiting so long to see. He and Preston have a lot to talk about before they can truly mate, and Preston is determined to make his omega comfortable with the pack before he takes him and make him officially his.

Ok. I don’t think it’s a secret that I love Alpha/omega mpreg stories…shifter or non…I’m an equal opportunity omegaverse fan. That is why I jumped on this short story. I’m feeling festive, and this is a holiday themed story, so I was excited to sit down and start reading. I’m sorry to say I was disappointed, but I didn’t actually dislike it.

I think the major issue I had was the description of what Dylan went through for six years. If you’re a fan of omegaverse stories, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I discuss omega heat. Here’s a quick rundown if you’re not familiar. A heat is usually a period when an omega is sexually insatiable. An Alpha can help an omega through it by having sex with them through the entire event. If the omega doesn’t have an Alpha, he usually helps himself through with an assortment of sex toys, but even then, they’re never fully satisfied. Anyway, when Dylan meets Preston and the mating bond is formed, Dylan goes into an early heat, so he has to…well…help himself. If he were older, I wouldn’t have a single issue, but we’re talking about a twelve-year old…a child…enduring this. There was mention of him watching porn, but only feeling a small amount of satisfaction if he was looking at the photo of Preston he was allowed to have. It felt…squicky to me. Let me make it clear, there is absolutely ZERO sexual contact between Preston and Dylan before Dylan turns 18. It’s not that kind of story.

I don’t want you to get the idea that I totally disliked Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe. There are a few sweet parts…some that I considered to be downright romantic. When Dylan finally returns to the pack, Preston is determined to slowly court Dylan, even if his instinct is to throw him in his bed and do everything to make him his. Dylan is ready for sex with his Alpha, but Preston is willing to wait.

There is a 16-year age difference between the two men, but that doesn’t seem to bother either of them, and it doesn’t bother me at all…as long as there is consent. Preston and Dylan have a nice chemistry, and Preston is protective, but not domineering. Dylan is a combination of innocent and sexually aware. I liked their banter. It was tender with an underlying heated flirtation. I also liked how Dylan seemed to fit into Preston’s giant family, and there was a scene where Dylan was outside throwing snowballs with some children and Preston joined in with the play.

The ending tied up neatly and as expected. Now, as far as recommending the story…I’ll call it a cautionary one. If you can get past the six years that Dylan had to endure heats without an Alpha because he wasn’t of age, fans of omegaverse stories might enjoy this. It does have a nice holiday vibe, and that might entice you as well. Romance abounds even with the difficult beginning.

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