Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

It’s the holiday season and Matthew Darcy has every reason to be happy. He’s married the man of his dreams, and he’s surrounded by a wonderful family of choice…a merry band of misfits who are perfect together. However, Matthew’s feeling decidedly UN-festive. You see, he’s a romance novelist whose book continues to be turned down by every publisher he’s sent it to. He has a pile of rejection letters that’s just about as thick as the book. Matthew is so down he can barely sum up any excitement for the trip to the mountains his beloved husband, Cal, has planned for him and their friends.

During the trip, Matthew continues to feel worthless, and he even finds himself wondering if the world (and Cal and their friends) would be better off without him. Well, after being hit on the head, he comes to with a woman named Rashida by his side. Rashida is there to show Matthew exactly how everything would be if he wasn’t around.

It’s an interesting journey, for sure. Will Matthew wake up and realize all his doubts are baseless, or will he continue with his feelings of self doubt?

Oh my, how I love the My Billionaire series! I’ve read these books from the very beginning and I’ve reviewed the previous two, The Billionaire’s Boyfriend and The Billionaire’s Wedding. These stories are among my favorites of all time. They’re romantic and sexy, but on top of that, they’re downright hilarious! The author has a knack for comedy and there are times when I’ve laughed so hard my sides ached as tears streamed down my face. The Billionaire’s Wish is no different, and it’s the perfect addition to the series.

Along with Matthew and Cal, all of my favorite characters are back, including Angus, Cal’s fortune cookie obsessed brother; Mr. Banks, the elderly gentleman with a penchant for appearing in unexpected places and telling interesting stories about things he’s seen in his life; Tillie, a precocious genius of a girl who reads encyclopedias for fun; and Mrs. Mulroney, a hard drinking but extremely loving, old lady who runs a flower shop. Every single one of these people are amazing. They’re charming, amusing, and delightful to read. They’re an odd bunch, but they work together. They’re a family of choice. They picked each other and have bonded deeper than most blood families. I wish I could properly explain to you how wonderful they are. They’re the kind of people you want in your life and would do anything for every single one of them.

Now, I’m sure by reading my description of the book, you can tell The Billionaire’s Wish is loosely based on It’s a Wonderful Life. We all know the story. A man wishes he’d never been born and a guardian angel comes and shows him exactly how the world would be without him. I can assure you, if Matthew Darcy had never existed, the lives of Cal and the others would be dreadful. I don’t want to give any of it away because I believe you must read the book to truly understand. His angel, Rashida, is a no nonsense and hilarious woman who doesn’t mince words or images. She’s able to show Matthew just how much he’s touched the lives of Cal and their friends with equal amounts of humor and care. It was so moving to read Matthew’s words as he begged Rashida to let him help Angus, or talk to Tillie, or touch Cal. This was all completely compelling, and I was caught up in all of these moments.

I don’t think I’m telling you too much when I say Matthew got his bright and shiny Christmas awakening. It was the perfect moment. I smiled until my face ached. I felt so happy to have been part of the moment…even if it was simply by reading about it. It was everything it should have been and more.

Technically, I wouldn’t say this was so much a romance story as it was a character-driven story. The romance is established. Matthew and Cal are already very much in love and married to each other. Yes, there are sweet moments, but I would say this was more about Matthew learning that he’s important to many people, and all the rejections he received didn’t matter in the great scheme of things.

There is enough exposition where I suppose you could read this novella as a stand alone, but honestly I don’t recommend it. I believe you really need to get to know everyone to be able to appreciate The Billionaire’s Wish. Trust me. This won’t be a chore. These books are so perfect, you’ll want to read them again and again. I can’t recommend all of them enough, and I hope Geoffrey Knight will continue to write the series for a long time.