Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Robbie Bianchi has the love he never thought he would have. He had a hard enough time making a relationship work with one man, but now Robbie has two men. Robbie is completely in love with Priest and Julien and they are devoted to him. But Robbie still hasn’t told his large family about his relationship and Robbie isn’t used to being afraid, especially of his close family.

The men all have a past, but the three of them are better together and their life together is more than they ever thought they could have. Now, they just have to make the rest of the world see that as they plan their forever.

This is book four in the Confessions series that spun Robbie off from the Logan and Tate universe in the Temptation series. The men, Robbie, Julien, and Priest, have all had their individual books and this story brings them all together after the events of the previous books.

This story is 100% relationship focused and highlights Ella Frank doing what she does best. The book opens to Robbie’s 30th birthday and the first five chapters are foreplay and a smokin’ intimate scene that has Robbie calling the shots and getting exactly what he wants with Priest and Julien willing and eager partners. The men have all settled into their relationship, they have bought a new house together, and while Priest and Julien are legally married, they are working to make Robbie completely theirs in every way. The men not only like looking at each other, they like being with each other as well.

This book is completely angst free and drama free and the ending perhaps falls into the sappy range. The book doesn’t dwell on any of the drama that has come before it as the men acknowledge how Robbie has brought so much to their lives. The book is about new beginnings and the men moving forward as a trio, while still not being able to keep their hands off of each other.

And speaking of men that cannot keep their hands off of each other, there is a great cameo of Logan and Tate and that was most definitely like catching up with old friends and I can still happily read all about Logan and Tate even doing the most simplest of daily tasks.

I would not suggest reading this book as a standalone as it directly ties into the books that came before it in the series. Ella Frank excels with character and relationship focused books as Robbie, Julien, and Priest find the happiest of happy endings here and this book is filled with love, friendship, Frank’s signature heat, and three men finding the relationship that works perfectly for them.