Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Jake Biondi writes the real deal of nighttime drama with his continuing Boystown series. Like all dramas, the books build off of each other and it would be difficult to come in at book nine and try and make sense of it all without having read the others. Many of the characters have been integral parts to the story since season one and their lives and relationships have taken some drastic turns over the series.

It’s incredibly difficult to review this book, and this series, in any depth as every move each character makes is a potential spoiler. I do find it intriguing that after all these seasons of this series, I still anticipate checking into Boystown once again. It’s clear that Biondi loves the soap opera style, and here you can have a dose of nighttime drama any time of the day.

The original crew is still here: Derek, Emmet, Cole, Keith, Joyelle, Jesse, Logan, and Max, along with many characters that have been added in over the course of the series. I did find this season a little less exciting as the plot lines read as recycled to me. That was one of my issues with last season as well, as the plots were similar with just the characters swapped out for different ones. And again, I felt the same here, starting with yet another opening in the hospital.

All throughout this season, I felt like there was movement, but not much was happening and when there was something happening, the storyline was all too familiar. In the past, I have finished these books with a race to the finish, but that didn’t quite happen here, and I found myself putting the book down too many times. The scenes here also seemed less polished to me than in the past and the transitions were not as smooth and seamless as seasons past.

It is difficult to keep this style series going strong in any format and there will be off seasons. Still, if you are looking for a dramatic style serial, I would still suggest starting at season one. Biondi indeed kicked up the ending here, though, with a fresher spin and a dramatic finish that has me now looking for season ten and a return to Boystown.