Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

When Sean hooks up with Blake, the two have a hot night together. Sean is sassy and bratty and loves playing with a Dom who is willing to spank him and give him a little discipline. But not too much discipline. Sean isn’t interested in a serious relationship of any kind and isn’t willing to open himself up to the vulnerability of full submission or allowing someone else to guide him. Yet, part of Sean knows he needs (and wants) that type of relationship and Blake makes he clear he would love to be the man who gives it to him.

At first Sean is resistant, wanting to keep things surface level. But when Blake lets him know that he is looking for something real or nothing at all, Sean finally works up the nerve to give in to his deepest desires and really give things a chance with Blake. It turns out that Blake is everything Sean could want in a Dom, and his guidance leads not only to hot sexual encounters, but helps Sean get some structure and control in his life. Sean finds himself falling for Blake, but he is wary about opening his heart fully. Now Sean has to decide if what he has built with Blake is worth taking a chance for, or if he is going to let it all go.

Demanding Discipline is the third book in Silvia Violet’s Love and Care series. The first two books followed the same couple, Avery and Graham, and we met both Sean and Blake in those books (Sean has a bigger side role as Avery’s roommate). While characters from the series do appear here, you can pretty easily jump into this book without having read the others. In fact, this story actually overlaps the timeline of After the Weekend a bit, so we do get a little background provided here.

I liked following this series to new MCs, especially since we get a tease of their hookup in the last book, and I am partial to a good bratty sub in my reading. Violet does a nice job developing Sean’s character and giving us the sense of how he is fighting against himself. We know what he wants, and he does too, he just has to let himself have it. It gives a nice dynamic between the men as Sean is wanting to hold back and Blake is clear he is looking for more, and Sean has to come to terms with what he really wants. The guys are sexy together with nice chemistry and there is a good progression to their relationship over the course of the book. While this story feels like mostly Sean’s journey, I did feel we get to know Blake as well.

So this is another nice installment in this series. We get a bit of a feel for the next couple and I think it’s going to be a really interesting one. I am definitely looking forward to it.