Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Bo Rawlings has accepted the fact that as an Omega, he has no rights. He was forced to quit school and mate with an abusive Alpha who treated him as little more than a slave. But with a baby on the way, Bo decides to run. He won’t let his child end up property like he did. It’s a good plan that falls apart when Bo goes into premature labor during a brutal winter storm. Stranded and alone, he’s sure he and his unborn child will die.

Gabe Johnson is used to long hours and dealing with rough weather. As a country vet, he spends more time on call than off. Still, his experience doesn’t prepare him to play delivery man to the child of an Omega. Gabe is determined to ensure that Bo and his baby survive and thrive and do so as far away from their old Alpha as possible. It will mean challenging an outdated law and turning his life upside down. But Gabe knows Bo belongs at his side, as his partner and equal, and he’ll do whatever it takes to free his Omega.

His First Christmas is sweet. Really, that’s it. I mean it’s really sweet without being overly saccharine and for fans of the Omegaverse, there’s a lot to like. Bo comes from a version of the Omegaverse where Omegas are property and not much else. They have few protections under the law and we get the impression that abuse is common. Gabe is pretty un-Alpha like, but he and Bo still work well together.

This was a quick read and one I enjoyed, but I’m not above pointing out the frankly ridiculous timeframe. Something like five whole days pass from start to finish and during that time, the relationship between Gabe and Bo moves insanely fast. I realize that’s common enough in Alpha/Omega books, but this one seemed to stretch its already thin credibility with everything else that happens. I also felt that Bo and Gabe needed a bit of fleshing out. This is a novella, but even given its shorter length, I wanted to know more about where each man was coming from. That might have helped the believability issue as well.

His First Christmas is definitely one that you don’t want to think too hard about. There are some pretty preposterous leaps that readers are expected to make, but despite that, it’s a warm and fluffy read that’s a nice fit for the holidays.