Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Luke is all alone on New Year’s Eve. The few people he invited to his small party did not show up, just as he knew, deep down, they wouldn’t. But what he doesn’t expect is the angel, Guy, to appear in his apartment. After Luke gets over his shock, Guy shows Luke how what he wants is not meant to be.

Luke had been hoping to romance Nathan. But as the fantasy unfolds, he realizes that maybe it wasn’t the right situation. Meanwhile, Tim has been vying for Luke’s attention, but Luke hasn’t given the man much. But as the fantasy Guy creates winds down, Luke realizes exactly what he wants, and what there should be in his life.

This short story was a mixed bag for me. I really liked Luke’s growth throughout the story. It was hard for him to not only recognize his feelings, but to acknowledge them. Once he does, he grows tremendously and becomes a better person. In that way, I really liked the whole fantasy element of it, in that Guy giving Luke exactly what he’d been hoping for showed Luke how it wasn’t the right thing for either him or Nathan. I liked Luke’s self-awareness as the story progressed, and I enjoyed the way things ended.

Because this definitely has a happy ending. While I don’t want to give it away, I will say that I felt it was wonderfully fitting and felt very natural. Because of the fantasy/paranormal bent this story takes, the short length actually works well and makes for a satisfying read.

However, my problem with the book was that the writing felt really choppy and disjointed. There wasn’t enough to connect the dialogue together, and the action got lost. On top of that, realizations did come very quickly to the MC, and I would have liked more explanation. Even given that this is a short story, it was lacking some detail that tied it all together and that brought things down for me.

But I did really like Luke, liked the way he grew, and was very satisfied with the ending. Despite my problem with the writing style, this is a nice NYE story, which we don’t see very many of. If you’re looking for a quick read with a supernatural twist, this might be one for you.