Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Jules Evergreen has messed up one too many times, so Santa has punished him by sending him to Snow Hope Island for 90 days. At first, Jules is angry. The island is small and remote, and all they do is take in less than perfect toys, catalogue them, and save them. The few elves that work there are sad that the toys never get to find homes and be loved. But Jules is just biding his time until he can get back home.

Except his boss, Felix Winterson, is enticing. And when they have a moment to actually talk, Jules is inspired. He can see a purpose in these misfit toys, and he wants to help the people of Snow Hope by finding homes for them. Together, he and Felix brainstorm ideas and put together a plan to convince Santa that these toys deserve to go to good homes.

As Jules and Felix work together, their attraction deepens and flourishes. Things move quickly, but all is not perfect. With the Christmas Eve deadline approaching, they need to work full out to get things done. When it seems all hope is lost, Jules takes drastic measures to make sure their plan is a success. And Jules has finally found his purpose, and the man of his dreams.

The blurb for this one enticed me right off the bat, and Brook doesn’t disappoint in this very cute, very sweet story. I loved just about everything about it, and it was the perfect holiday read.

Jules is a playboy, never wanting to settle down. This is due, in part, to how unhappy he is, though he doesn’t recognize it for what it is. He doesn’t fit in at the North Pole, and he doesn’t have a true purpose. So he ends up pulling shenanigans that get him in trouble, and breaking a few hearts along the way. Despite this being a fairly short book, I really enjoyed Jules’ transformation as he finds a purpose and a passion. Part of it is due to his attraction to Felix, but mostly it’s about him finally having something useful to do, something that challenges him. I really enjoyed watching him grow and come into his own.

We don’t get to know Felix as well, but what we do know is lovely. He was born and raised on Snow Hope, and the island is his home. He’s passionate about what he does, but he’s also lost hope that he can ever find home for the toys. Jules’ belief in him, and in the toys, is the thing he needs to reignite his passion and he goes full bore with the plan they create.

Together these guys are lovely, and the chemistry just sparks. It’s clear from the beginning that they find each other attractive, even if they didn’t start out on the best foot. But as they work together, everything explodes and these guys are clearly meant to be together. There are a couple of small misunderstandings, which are resolved quickly when they men actually talk to one another. I appreciated that so much, because them acting like adults was the best thing to see. They work through their small hurdles, and find their way to an HEA.

I adored this story. It’s cute, its fluffy, and it has just enough conflict to keep things moving. But there’s not anything too heavy here. This is just a wonderful holiday romance, and I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for something to finish out your holiday season reading, then this is the book for you.

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