Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Ghost has been on his own almost as long as he can remember. All of his choices were taken away and now survival is in his blood. He prefers to stay on his own because people bring complications. In a moment of good conscience, Ghost steps in to protect a friend. He has no idea how he even wound up with a friend in the first place, but Ghost ends up with more trouble than he even knows what to do with.

Ghost is pointed in the direction of policeman Duncan Rook and Duncan is nothing that Ghost expects. He may also be Ghost’s last and best hope. A hustler known for lying and breaking the law doesn’t quite fit into Duncan’s carefully ordered law-abiding world, but the real Ghost underneath, he may be exactly what Duncan needs.

This book is the third in the Woodbury Boys series and directly builds off of the books that come before it. Ghost has been an incredibly intriguing character throughout the series and I was waiting for his book, yet also hesitant if the story would match the anticipation. Ghost was even more than I thought he would be. One of the best things about this book is not knowing what is going to happen and, on that note, this will be on the brief side.

Leading off of the events of the second book, Ghost needs to get out of town. Yet, what he is trying to get away from wants to follow him. He winds up at Duncan’s door, although not quite in the way he intended. Ghost has a whole lot going on with him layered under all of his protective instincts. He’s snarky and witty with a dry sense of humor and that was hilarious to see as he plays off of by-the-book Rook. Their banter, and Ghost’s thoughts and comments, were highly entertaining all of the way through.

The book is a slow burn and anything else truly would not have fit Ghost. I truly appreciated that there was no quick fix for Ghost and everything was earned and hard won. Ghost has been on his own for so long and doing things solely to please other people and survive, so he has no idea what he might like and no idea how to even remotely go about having a relationship. But Ghost is a revelation even to himself and much stronger than he would ever give himself credit for.

Duncan is Ghost’s opposite is almost every way. He promises to protect Ghost, but he lets Ghost be. He doesn’t try to change Ghost and he doesn’t judge Ghost and he falls so hard so fast. Duncan, however, will not be a part of breaking the law and Ghost knows that Duncan is a good man, the best man he has ever known. But Ghost wants something for maybe the first time ever and he comes to realize that there is more than one way to be a good man.

The larger storyline of why Ghost is on the run is ever present throughout the entire book and Bell kept the intrigue high as to how it would all play out. If there was one area I would have wanted more on it would be Ghost’s past. We are given enough to work with to piece together where he came from, but I would have preferred even more detail on that. Rough Trade offers glimpses of Tobias and Church, but mainly the book is filled with Ghost, making this the absolute best book of the series.