Today I am so pleased to welcome Megan Linden to Joyfully Jay. Megan has come to talk to us about her latest release, Seek & Find (DC Files #1). She has also brought along and exclusive excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Megan a big welcome!


Rereleasing a series that’s so dear to the author’s heart comes with emotional ups and downs, but luckily for me, there have been mostly ups so far as I’m putting DC Files series back into the world. Officially, I am only the first book and one Christmas novella in, though, so I still have a way to go, but I’m optimistic. I want readers to meet (or meet again) the guys who started it all for me – Sam and Blake – so I’m here today to share an excerpt from their first meeting.

DC Files is a series of political romances set in Washington, DC. Readers get around and inside the alternative White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, and most importantly, inside the hearts and minds of the heroes who are trying their best and falling in love along the way.

Seek & Find (formerly titled Serve & Protect) is the first book in the series and it follows Sam, who gets a chance of a lifetime to help elect the first woman to the office of the President of the United States, and Blake, who left the adrenaline of being a SEAL in the past and now wants to raise his daughter in peace. Neither of them wants to deny their attraction, but they know it’s not going to be a smooth sailing towards the happily ever after.

And here’s the excerpt from their first meeting.


Sam had been feeling anxious and off-balance for weeks now and he figured that was the reason he found himself telling this complete stranger more than he normally would. More than the guy wanted to know, probably.

“My boss is retiring tomorrow and it’s…weird.” He picked at the beer label. “We’ve been working together pretty much since I came to Washington. It was easy in a way those constants in life are, you know?” He looked up and Blake nodded. “Now it ends, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.”

He’d had a few months to come up with something, and he still hadn’t found an idea that appealed to him.

“You don’t have to have the answer ready,” Blake pointed out and Sam couldn’t help being a little jealous of how calm he sounded.

He shrugged. “Yeah, I know—”

“No, listen,” Blake interrupted. “I get it. Transition like that, it’s always hard, even if you do know what’s next.” He leaned forward, rested his elbows against the table and caught Sam’s gaze. “A few years ago, when I signed my transfer papers, I knew what I was doing, I knew where I was going, but it still felt shitty at the beginning. It took me a while to find my footing again.”

Sam took a drink from his beer. Maybe it shouldn’t work, coming from a complete stranger, but he felt the tension in his shoulders easing up a little.

“Thanks,” he said, and then chuckled as he shook his head. “I bet you didn’t expect to be giving pep talks when you came looking for a seat.”

“Maybe I didn’t come looking for a seat.” Blake smiled, showing his teeth, and Sam fixated on his lips for a second before the words registered. There was a surge of heat in his stomach that he hadn’t felt in far too long.

“Wow,” he murmured, hoping he wasn’t bright red. He had no poker face, not when it came to his personal life.

Blake took a sip of his beer, eyes not leaving Sam’s. “Too forward?”

“No!” Sam protested quickly. God, no. “No, just…surprising. Good surprise, though.”

Blake smiled again, softer this time, and sat back in his seat. “It’s been a long time since I did this.”

Sam felt warm all over. “Probably smart. It’s risky, after all, to come on to a guy in a bar.”

“I’m pretty sure I could take you.” Blake smirked.

Sam raised his eyebrows and bit his lip to cover his grin.

Blake snorted. “I meant in a fight.”

“I’m sure you could take me, too.” Sam nodded. “In a fight.”


Sam Daniels meets an amazing guy and then the very next day gets a job offer he can’t refuse. The problem? It’s never easy to sustain any kind of personal life while working in politics, but when you’re running a campaign to elect the first woman to the office of the President of the United States, it may become nearly impossible.

Blake Morin lives a quiet life with his daughter after spending years as a SEAL and he’s fine with that. He doesn’t want to fight the attraction towards Sam, but the last thing he needs is to be thrown into the political world of DC.

Are they going to find some middle ground or will they end up falling out before the race is over?


One rule? Happy ending is guaranteed! No matter if it’s a political romance happening in Washington, DC or a small town romance of the werewolf variety, Megan’s stories end happily. Always.

When she’s not writing, she loves to read, learn another language, or eat pizza. Not necessarily in that order.

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