Story Rating: 4.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 7 hours, 57 minutes

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Russell “Red” McKinley first met Lazarus Galanos when he was helping to guard Laz’s long-time friend, Colton Connelly, a few months back. Laz was injured at a pool party thrown in his honor and Red not only helped nurse him to health, he shut down Laz’s abusive boyfriend, Brian. When Red was shot protecting Colton, Laz was at Red’s bedside, but left soon after he recovered—unsure that Red really wanted him near. Laz, having suffered years of Brian’s abuse, feels unworthy of Red’s interest or affection. Plus, Red’s pansexual and it makes Laz a little nervous after having his past lover be a cheating cheater. For his part, Red thought something special was growing between them, and he’s been devastated at the lack of contact from Laz for the last few months.

Red’s Green Beret comrade and fellow co-owner of Kings Security, Ace Sharpe, connives a meet-up between Red and Laz on a beach where Laz has a photo shoot set up. Too bad some wacko starts shooting up the pier. From his long time in combat, Red’s sure the shots are deliberate—and meant for Laz. It seems his break-up with Brian left some really bad feelings—and Laz kept some incriminating photos of Brian’s philandering with a married man. Red, completing his recuperation, takes immediate charge of protecting Laz. In close contact, it’s impossible for them to avoid the attraction simmering between them.

In Be Still My Heart, Red and Laz do not hide their growing romance. Expect A LOT of sexytimes. When Laz is called for job opportunities, Red tags along. While it might be uncomfortable, Laz knows his safety is in question and appreciates Red’s solicitousness—and that of the whole Kings Security family. Plus, being with Red is an experience that seems to good to be true. Laz doesn’t mind Red’s night terrors, or PTSD, which was a problem for Red’s previous partner.

The plot gets a little zany, with a colorful cast of folks and activities. We have insight into the Kings Security team with lots of Ace and Colton, demonstrating their growing love. Plus, we get some looks at who may be a part of the next couple of books in the series: namely Lucky and his interested detective, and maybe Jack who may be smitten by with a heartbroken hairdresser. I liked how it wasn’t immediately apparent who was behind the attack on the beach—though we have two ready suspects in Brian and his lover.

As for the narration, it’s playful and poignant. I’ve listened to a few audiobooks by Greg Boudreau, but I think this story had the most female voices and they were performed with admirable range. I could easily differentiate between Ace and Red, which was good, as I had Ace’s “sound” in my head from the first audiobook in this series. We get to know even more about the Kings—Ward Kingston and his sister Bebe—and I could easily tell Ward from Red, as well. The return characters were especially easy to differentiate, and Laz has a unique sound from the rest, so I just cruised along absorbing the story.

I’m not going to go into the story more; I loved that Red and Laz found each other and gave comfort and love to one another as it was sorely needed. I’m a huge fan of the series and eagerly await the next book.