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Divorce lawyer Clayton Reynolds has seen enough of life not to believe in love or happily ever afters. However, he is now rich and successful and has put his troubled past mostly behind him. While most of his clients come through his high-end law firm, Clatyon tries to help out when he can by taking pro bono cases for the women’s shelter. When Nadine Graham comes in, clearly terrified and with her equally scared son, Clayton can’t resist taking the case. He needs the help of a private investigator and that means going to Kelly, one of the PIs who works for Clayton’s firm. Kelly is seemingly always cheerful and warm — totally the opposite of Clayton’s more reserved personality. Clayton finds himself totally drawn to Kelly, but he also knows getting involved with him can go nowhere.

Kelly has a definite crush on Clayton in return, but he knows Clayton doesn’t do relationships. For his part, Kelly seems to go from one failed romantic partnership to another, so his track record isn’t all that great either. Not to mention he is now taking care of his deadbeat brother’s infant son, so it isn’t exactly the ideal time for romance for him either. Kelly agrees to help Clayton with his off-the-books case by digging more into the background of Nadine’s husband and finding ways to help Nadine get out of her bad situation.

As the guys continue to work together, the attraction between them becomes too much to ignore, even if they both know it is a bad idea. Soon, however, they realize that the case is going much deeper than they could have imagined, and what appeared simple on the surface is much more complex and dangerous. The guys are committed to helping Nadine, even if it is means they put their careers and their safety on the line. And when it is all over, they will have to decide if their relationship will end too, or if they are going to fight for more between them.

I really enjoyed Every Other Weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find a twisty suspense plot along with this contemporary story. Things start off fairly routine as Clayton gets brought in to help Nadine at the women’s shelter and recruits Kelly to help out with the investigative side of things. But soon things aren’t adding it up, with some suspicious circumstances and unexpected danger, and the guys realize that there are lots of layers to what is really going on with Nadine, her husband, and his business. While I saw the tip of the iceberg coming here fairly early on, things go much deeper and are more twisty than I had expected and the story kept me enthusiastically engaged the entire time as the men dig into what is really happening. So from a suspense end, this is definitely entertaining and the storyline is complex without being overwhelming to follow.

I also really enjoyed Clayton and Kelly together. There is a bit of an enemies to lovers vibe in the sense that Clayton is clearly hot for Kelly, but he doesn’t want to be and it annoys him. Kelly seems so easy going and comfortable in his skin, and Clayton is more rigid and prickly. He wants to put up walls to protect himself, but he just can’t help his attraction to Kelly. I really liked how these guys support one another and even though they are each strong individually, you can really feel how they are there for each other. This is particularly true with Kelly, for while on the outside things seem perfect, once you peel back the first layer you can see his life is not nearly as neat and easy as it seems. A relationship isn’t easy for either of these guys, but you can tell how much they feel for one another, almost despite themselves at times. I loved the way this all wrapped up and I felt their relationship was hard fought and rewarding.

I find T.A. Moore to be a really clever writer in how she puts her stories together and this book is no exception. It is nicely twisty and fun, with lots of excitement and unexpected elements that kept this one very engaging. If you enjoy some light romantic suspense, as well as two men who can’t resist each other despite themselves, definitely check out Every Other Weekend.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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