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Length: Novella

Gabriel is a college senior who’s never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, because he’s devoutly Catholic and knows his attraction to men is forbidden. He’s poised to complete his degree and likely to remain celibate if he can’t find a decent woman to marry, but a chance encounter with a devil on Halloween derails his best laid plans.

Marcello is one sexy devil, and he’s had his eye on Gabriel for a long, long time. If Marcello plays his tricks right, he just may win the soul of his treasured angel.

Through many interesting conversations, and a night of debauchery like Gabriel has never experienced, Gabriel’s internal godliness is challenged. This was really sensitive and well handled. Marcello never derides Gabriel’s faith, he simply offers some tempting alternate ideas about God, and his plan for humanity. Marcello’s very familiar with Gabriel’s beliefs and his church of choice. For Gabriel, this knowledge plays into the supernatural feeling he experiences in Marcello’s company. Soon, he’s willing to face a side of himself that he’d kept deeply hidden—even from himself.

This sweet novella had a few interesting turns that kept me engaged. The question of Marcello’s motives and humanity were on the forefront of my mind throughout. I’m not going to spoil the biggest twist, but there’s a deep, divinely-inspired love growing here. Expect some sexytimes on the page, but it’s quiet and tender. Gabriel is a virgin—obviously—and Marcello’s love for him is so amazing. There’s a transcendence to the story that really lifted me spiritually, and I liked how the confidantes worked with both Marcello and Gabriel to reinforce the concept that God gives us all love, and we shouldn’t reject it because it’s unexpected—or from an unexpected source. Honestly, I was guessing on some aspects of the plot until the very end.

I really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to people who are interested in religious issues, or religious-inspired fiction. It’s amazingly not preachy and really had an angle to the arguments that gave me pause to think and wonder. And fall completely for these two lonely souls who find true love.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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