Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Seb’s boyfriend has not only broken up with him, but he’s kicked him out of the place they lived in together. While Seb’s drowning his sorrows, his two best friends, Connor and Matt, show up to the bar to help him sober up. It’s decided he’ll stay with Matt for a little while until he can get back on his feet.

Deciding they should all go somewhere to get away for a few days, the three men throw together a camping trip. The more drinking they do, the more relaxed they become. When they see some falling stars, the men all make wishes. Seb’s is to be happy. Matt’s is to find the one person he could settle down with, and Connor keeps his wish to himself. The three continue to drink, and before long, they arrive at the typical drunken “I love you guys” phase of the evening. Only this time, the “I love yous” turn into Seb kissing both Matt and Connor.

At first, they all decide what happened was a drunken misstep and they try to put it behind them. Eventually, though, they all come to realize they want to be together…all three of them. Seb, Matt, and Connor have loved each other as friends since childhood, but can they be in love as adults?

I have always enjoyed a good menage story. There’s just something about three men loving each other that gives me a thrill. I think it’s because I like the idea of there being so much love in a relationship that it can’t be contained by only two men. This is why I was intrigued by I Wished For You. The friends to lovers trope was to be an added bonus. While I liked this book, I found myself feeling strangely disconnected from it.

Seb, Matt, and Connor were good friends and nice men. There is pretty much zero conflict between them. They were always there for each other no matter what. In fact, I felt as if their descent into a throuple (their word) was natural. There was some back and forth with Matt and Connor, as both men always considered themselves straight. However, they didn’t fight too hard to keep from falling in love with each other and I was happy with that. What I didn’t feel particularly happy about was the way Matt and Connor shared a lot, sometimes too much, discussion about Seb without Seb being involved. To me, it felt like they were going behind his back. There were also times where the dialog seemed to be a little on the immature side…like high school students passing notes in math class, such as when they used the phrase
“like you like that.”

The author’s writing style was a little bumpy, but I didn’t feel like it got in the way of the heart of the story. The romance side of I Wished For You was sweet, even if it seemed to suddenly take off at a breakneck speed…no slow burn here. The sex scenes were very hot, but weren’t gratuitous. There were a few times that were hairy. Seb was given an opportunity at work that he couldn’t refuse, and that meant being away from Matt and Connor, but Skyping and visits were helping to ease that separation. Something major does happen that tested the men’s love. It was mostly a blip, however, and it almost felt like it didn’t fit into the story…like an afterthought.

All in all, I Wished For You, was a decent book, with decent characters. I can’t really put my finger on why I didn’t feel vested in Seb, Matt, and Connor and their relationship. Throughout the time it took to read, I just didn’t feel compelled. Still, I feel confident in recommending it to menage fans. It’s sweet and sexy with no conflict to speak of, and a nice way to spend an evening.