Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

After his parents’ death, Finn took over the family bakery and he loves his work. It’s keeping him busy for now, so he is happy with casual hook ups. But when a gorgeous man walks in to the shop, suddenly Finn is interested in more than one night. Something about the man just calls to Finn and he finds himself unable to stop thinking about him.

Levi is a hybrid — half human, half wolf — but since his wolf side never manifested, he basically lives as a human. That changes when he stops by Lupine Bakery and sees Finn. Suddenly, wolf instincts he has never experienced are coming out and Levi knows he wants Finn. But when a night together leads to an unexpected pregnancy, the two men have to figure out if they can turn their attraction into a lasting relationship.

Love at Lupine Bakery is a prequel to Silvia Violet’s upcoming Trillium Creek series. It was originally released as a freebie and has now been recovered and re-released for sale in anticipation of the first full book in the series (which is releasing next week). This is short and easy and a nice way to get a feel for the new series. I was able to get a good sense of the world building in Violet’s omegaverse, as well as to get to meet some key players. Not everything is fully fleshed out here, but given the length, that is to be expected. But I got enough of a sense of how things worked that the story comes together well. The book is told in alternating POV chapters, but for some reason I felt like we get a much better sense of Finn than Levi here. The story also seems to focus a little too much time on Finn’s cousin, so much so that I expected his book to be the first one up, but that is not the case. Still, I assume he will have a big role going forward.

From a relationship end, these guys fall for each other pretty much at first sight/scent. This is definitely a case of fated mates instalust, and while they do have a couple of get-to-know-you conversations, there really isn’t much here in terms of relationship building. That said, I enjoyed their interactions and found like them a likable couple. Finn is outspoken and knows what he wants, and it is a cute contrast with Levi as a more shy alpha who is somewhat out of his depth. So these guys definitely fall in love quickly, but I found it generally worked for me.

Overall, I found this a nice taste of what is to come with the full series. I am really looking forward to the first full installment and think Love at Lupine Bakery is a cute, quick read to get things rolling.

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