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Length: Novel

Adam Vinick is an Alpha researcher who wants to study the genetics of omegas. That research is in jeopardy, however, because he can’t seem to get enough omegas to submit to DNA testing. Adam’s omega dad died, and he left the pack, so this project is all he has. Finally, Adam turns to the Niemi pack for help. They’ve agreed to pave the way for him to travel to other pack lands to get the samples he needs. Also, the pack decides to send one of their own omegas along for the ride.

Casey Niemi wasn’t born to the pack. He was found as a child and brought into the fold and studied to become one of the pack’s midwives. Casey is relatively happy with his life, but he does panic when Alphas are around, and because of the research, he gets particularly upset when Adam is around.

As the two set off on their long trip, their behavior toward each other is brash, but as the miles go on, their chemistry (researcher joke…get it?) develops, and while they continue to argue, it puts them on the road to each other. There are some obstacles, though. When Casey’s old pack comes around, what they’ve been slowly building could be destroyed. Will Adam and Casey be able to work together to save other omegas, as well as their budding relationship?

Omega Defiant is the second installment in the Wolves in the World series, following Omega RequiredI liked that one a bit more than this book, but not by much. The author is building a great world in which a great series can thrive. The stories are compelling, and there is obviously a much larger arc that they’re a part of. The characters are strong, interesting, and definitely well fleshed out. Their personalities shine through, they’re very easy to know, and they leave you wanting to know them more.

So, let’s start with Adam and Casey. It took me a while to really like them. They had issues on top of their issues, but as their trip went on and I was able to get to know more about them, I began to love them. I picked up a lot of insecurity from both of them, and that’s one of the reasons I think they worked so well together. Eventually, they became each other’s security. As I mentioned, their chemistry was palpable. This was a slow burn love story and that was just perfect. I don’t think they’d have been as interesting if they’d have just jumped into bed right away. However, when they did become sexual…whoa! Even though they weren’t quite in love, they were smoking hot!

I enjoyed reading about the events that took place in Adam and Casey’s lives that shaped them into who they were. The circumstances were less than pretty, but they were interesting, and I hung on every word. I really felt for them. They needed each other in ways they didn’t realize. As they slowly began to confide in each other and their closely guarded pasts were shared, they depended on one another to get through the feelings that came to the surface. I don’t want to really give anything away as far as plot, but I’ll tell you everything is family related. As I mentioned, Adam’s omega father is dead, and Casey was found abandoned as a young child. There’s a lot of sadness there, but they are able to offer comfort to each other when they need it most.

The underlying story of Adam’s research was interesting. It was a little difficult to follow, and I had to go back and reread some passages. I don’t really think this is the fault of the author. I have a brain that leans toward the literary rather than the scientific. However, I’m really excited to see what will be discovered thanks to Adam and Casey’s hard work.

There are plenty of background characters in Omega Defiant. The Niemi pack members, especially their midwives and elders, play important roles, and there are several of them. They’re relatively easy to keep straight. Eventually, we meet the members of Casey’s old pack, from the lead Alpha, to Casey’s only remaining sibling, to another young midwife. These people are interesting and really move the story along, even though there isn’t a whole lot of time spent with them. Finally, there are some minor appearances by a few more midwives and omegas from the other packs. Even though their roles are small, they serve their purpose and are an integral part of the book.

I was very satisfied with the end of this story. It tied up nicely and I was glad. I also liked how there were already little hints as to what the upcoming installments of the Wolves in the World series would be about. It’s great that those hints weren’t overwhelming and didn’t get in the way of Adam and Casey’s HEA. Dessa Lux has really got something going here. There is so much potential, and I’m so excited to see what comes next. I highly recommend this one.

I also feel the need to quickly mention that, even though this is book two, there’s enough exposition to begin the series here. HoweverI would suggest you do read book one first. It’s an excellent book on its own merit, and you’ll be able to get an idea as to what will be going on in the series. Trust me. It’s a good one, and you should grab it up along with Omega Defiant.