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Length: Novel

Jeremy Reynolds has been working for six years to try and make it big on Broadway. He’s talented and has the voice of an angel, but there are tons of actors who are just as talented. After his boyfriend of three years cheats so Jeremy will break up with him, he’s now crashing on his best friend’s couch. Max Meyers has been there for Jeremy since they were kids, and they are closer than close. Without Max, Jeremy wouldn’t get through the rough break up and being passed over for a new show, a part he desperately wanted.

Max has been in love with Jeremy since they were thirteen, and through all the years, he’s kept his feelings to himself. He values their friendship more. But it kills him to be living with Jeremy once again and to not be able to really have him.

Jeremy gets the break he’s been waiting for and gets cast as the lead in the new show, the part for which he was originally passed over. And one night, while running lines together, Jeremy and Max finally kiss. It’s the moment Max has been waiting for, and he finally confesses his true feelings. Jeremy never knew, but kissing Max feels right, and he wants more.

But doubts start to creep in for Max. It seems too good to be true. And with the accelerated timeline for the show, Jeremy needs to have his focus elsewhere. Max is convinced things won’t last, but Jeremy isn’t willing to let it go. He just needs to convince his best friend that they are right together. It won’t be easy, and Max’s insecurity is a big hurdle. But if Jeremy can show him that they are meant to be, then they could have the happy ever after they both deserve.

Any fan of musicals will appreciate this book. McMurray does an amazing job of bringing the show to life as a secondary character and using it to highlight the relationship between Max and Jeremy. I enjoyed seeing the parallels and watching as the show came together.

I’m a sucker for friends to lovers, and that’s the reason I picked up this book. Especially when one character has been in love with the other for so long. These two guys really are perfect together, and their chemistry leaps off the page. As friends and as lovers, they work exceptionally well. Characterization is this author’s strong suit, and she does it well in this story. Jeremy and Max’s love story was believable and heartfelt, and it’s the thing I enjoyed most about this book.

I did have some problems with the pacing here, though. There were moments that the story seemed to drag, and I felt like the narrative could have benefited from a little bit tighter pacing. For me, there were two major points when this happened: near the beginning, when the MCs were still friends and Jeremy was still clueless and then again toward the end after Max has his doubts about them. In these two sections, the action slowed way down and it was a bit of a slog as I turned each page, waiting for things to get back on track. They do, and it’s wonderful when that happens, but the slow parts didn’t work as well for me.

I will also say I wasn’t thrilled with Max’s actions when he begins to doubt the relationship, which is a personal preference. It was well done and it made sense for where Max’s head was at. It was truly in keeping with the character, and that made it a little more palpable. But I personally don’t like when this device is used, and I wished there had been a different dark moment for these guys. It also made the resolution a little less impactful for me, as I didn’t feel as solid about Max’s enlightenment as I would have liked.

That being said, I did enjoy this book. McMurray has a great author voice and it really shines in the characterization. Jeremy and Max are great together, and everything ends in the best possible place. And as I said, if you’re a fan of musicals, then you’ll really want to pick this one up.

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