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Length: Novel

Lucky Lucklighter never imagined he’d have the life he now leads, working for the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau (SNB) and living with his boyfriend, Bo Schollenberger. He has even reconnected with his family and his sister is moving nearby. It is more than a former criminal like Lucky ever thought he could have.

Even as things seem to be settling into place for Lucky, it’s not all smooth sailing. His nephews are staying with Lucky and Bo while his sister sells their house across the country, and Lucky feels the distance of all the years he was separated from his family. While his older nephew, Todd, seems to be settling in, his younger nephew, Ty, is surly and clearly angry at Lucky. Lucky can’t help but think staying out of their lives all those years may not have been the right decision, even though he had been trying to protect them.

On the work front, things are even more complicated. When Walter falls ill, things shake up at the SNB. While Walter has always supported and defended Lucky, now the office is filled with enemies who want to see Lucky gone. And as Lucky digs further into a case, it becomes clear that there may be much more going on than he ever expected, both with his investigation and within the SNB. Now Lucky must work to figure out who is behind the plot and prove their wrongdoing before the threats to both his job, and his life, become even bigger.

Suspicion is the seventh book in Eden Winters’ fabulous Diversion series. Those of you who have read my reviews for a while may remember how much I enjoy this series and how I adore Bo and Lucky as a couple. Winters has done a great job over this series of developing their relationship and really giving both men a chance to grow. At the same time, this is a fabulous suspense series and the books provide great individual stories, as well as tying together across the series.

In Suspicion, the relationship side of things is more of a focus, at least for the first part of the book. Things are solid between Bo and Lucky, but they are taking care of their nephews and this is adding stress, particularly for Lucky. He has a strained relationship with Ty, and Lucky can’t help but question his decision to stay out of their lives for so long. It is also hard for him to see how well the boys take to Bo when Ty will barely speak to him. Not to mention having two teens in their house is definitely putting a damper on their love life. So there is some family stress here and it is the main focus of the early part of the book.

While the suspense end does heat up as the book goes on, it did take a while for things to come together. In hindsight, we can see how all the pieces were coming into play and how things were building to the point where Lucky realizes something serious is going on, but it takes a little while to get there. So I did find things a little slow in the front half as everything is being set up before it really gets going on the second half. Once the suspense kicks in, however, it is another exciting story and Winters does a nice job putting all the pieces together and keeping up the intensity.

So I am a huge fan of this series and was so glad to see another installment. The previous book, Reunion, tied up a lot of story elements so I did wonder if that may be the end of the series. So I am thrilled to see there is more to come for Bo and Lucky. If you are a fan of romantic suspense, I can definitely highly recommend this series.

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