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Length: Novel

Tyler is a freelance video editor and, while he may choose those who hire him, he doesn’t always like them. Having worked for Joel Sandstrom before certainly didn’t prepare Tyler for what would happen between them. It definitely didn’t clue Tyler in to how much he would come to actually like the bastard.

Joel is wound tight as a string because he has a secret—one that Tyler knows and one that he will keep. Both men learn there is something more to their relationship than the lust that seems to override their better judgment. Now they just have to be honest with each other and figure out if they can make it work.

Author Roe Horvat does indeed make a departure from his usual writing fare with the release of his latest novel, The Other Book. Before diving in, you should definitely read the forward as it states two things unequivocally—the importance of consensual sex and the idea that everyone should enjoy the freedom to explore their sensual side. What sets this novel apart from other more standard erotic romance is just two words: selfless love. Tyler never sets out to “keep” Joel just for himself and yet both men understand and acknowledge that they, in many ways, own one another. That sense of owning frees Tyler to watch Joel explore what it’s like to be desired and loved physically by others.

This novel stops short of being just a lot of sex on the page because each step Tyler and Joel take in cementing their love for each other is done thoughtfully, communicated completely, and shrouded in a love that chooses never to judge or discourage. Readers should be aware that there is a fairly graphic and sensual foursome that occurs in this novel, but the author once again uses the scene to illustrate just how connected Joel and Tyler are and how deeply they trust each other. I’m not sure I have ever read a novel where the two main characters, who admittedly started as enemies, not only become lovers, but realize they are the glue that holds the other together. For a book that unashamedly features more sex than I am pretty sure I’ve read in a great while, I can tell you that the story here was vastly more important than any erotic passage. Some may say that there was a feel of insta-love about how quickly Tyler and Joel admitted their feelings for each other, but I would assert theirs was an attraction that simmered a long time and when it burst into full relief it was stunning in its voraciousness.

The Other Book is an erotic romance that pushes the boundaries and shows that love can transcend societal judgment and constraints. The author encourages you to enjoy the love these two men have for each other and the way they choose to explore that love. Some may not feel comfortable with every aspect of this novel, but for me, I can honestly say that I felt the love Tyler and Joel shared was grounded in wanting the best for each other and that is really what love should be all about.

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