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Length: Novel

Simon and Declan are back and it is glorious! Sean Kennedy has released the fourth book in his Tigers & Devils series, Tigers on the Way. The story picks up a short time after their engagement and is set prior to Australia approving same sex marriage. The guys have decided to stop putting their lives on hold when it comes to having children. Fans of this series will remember sweet, slightly otherworldly Nyssa, Simon’s former work partner, who has agreed to be their surrogate. With Simon’s usual flair for making anything funny and Declan as the straight man foil, we watch the two navigate some pretty choppy waters to achieve fatherhood. As Simon warns us in the Forward, there is no miracle marriage here, but there is a story that tears off racing toward a breathless finish.

The two men will battle discrimination, let bygones be bygones with some old foes on and off the playing field (Simon begrudgingly does so), and discover just how fragile their lives together can be when fate has other ideas. But all is done with a bit of snark, a load of humor, and a healthy dose of love. Gone are the days when these two doubt each other or their love; instead they are replaced with the minefield that is communicating as a couple—something desperately needed in order to remain partners. It may be daunting and a real stretch for Simon, but Dec is there to hold his hand and push him just a little when he clams up.

Sean Kennedy writes such authentic characters and never shies away from giving them real life problems that could easily tear them apart. In Tigers on the Way, he ups the ante and exposes some real cracks in Simon’s armor and dishes out some profound obstacles that definitely would give even the closest of couples pause. Fran and Roger are on board to keep the humor flowing and to support both men as they try to maneuver their way through life together. Once again, I am reminded of how brilliant a writer Sean Kennedy is and how lovely this series has continued to be now through four installments. Kennedy carries us on yet another adventure featuring his hilarious cast and manages to make the darkest of moments somehow lighter. He does so by infusing his characters with a genuine sense of love for each other and a loyalty and trust that staggers the imagination.

Tigers on the Way may well be my favorite book of the series thus far. I loved watching this chapter of Dec and Simon’s life unfold and would highly recommend this to fan of the series and encourage those unaware of this author’s work to pick up the first novel, Tigers and Devils, and enjoy these guys and their story from the very beginning.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.