Today I am so pleased to welcome Adriana Herrera back to Joyfully Jay. Adriana has come to share an exclusive cover reveal for book #2 in her Dreamers series, American Fairytale. You can also check out more on her newly released first book in the series, American Dreamer, here. Please join me in giving her a big welcome! 


Thanks so much Jay for hosting the cover reveal of American Fairytale the second book in the Dreamers series. This one like all the stories in this series is full of multicultural characters that I hope reflects the beauty in our differences and how they enrich American life. Tom and Camilo’s story is modern day fairytale set in Harlem and the Bronx, it’s an American story.


American Fairytale goes on sale in eBook on May 20, 2019 and MMP on May 28, 2019.


Fairy-tale endings don’t just happen; they have to be fought for.

New York City social worker Camilo Santiago Briggs grew up surrounded by survivors who taught him to never rely on anything you didn’t earn yourself. He’s always dreamed of his own happily-ever-after, but he lives in the real world. Men who seem too good to be true…usually are. And Milo never <em>ever</em>mixes business with pleasure…until the mysterious man he had an unforgettable hookup with turns out to be the wealthy donor behind his agency’s new, next-level funding.

Thomas Hughes built a billion-dollar business from nothing: he knows what he wants and isn’t shy about going after it. When the enthralling stranger who blew his mind at a black-tie gala reappears, Tom’s more than ready to be his Prince Charming. Showering Milo with the very best of everything is how Tom shows his affection.

Trouble is, Milo’s not interested in any of it. The only thing Milo wants is Tom.

Fairy-tale endings take work as well as love. For Milo, that means learning to let someone take care of him, for a change. And for Tom, it’s figuring out that real love is the one thing you can’t buy.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!


Adriana Herrera was born and raised in the Caribbean, but for the last fifteen years has let her job (and her spouse) take her all over the world. She loves writing stories about people who look and sound like her people, getting unapologetic happy endings. When’s she not dreaming up love stories, planning logistically complex vacations with her family or hunting for discount Broadway tickets, she’s a social worker in New York City, working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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