Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

When their lead singer left TBD, the biggest rock band around, lead guitarist Viper was not pleased. Their life and their band were perfect, or so he thought, but fans want the lead singer that isn’t coming back. Auditions for a new singer are not going well, the record label wants them to get it together, and after seven months, Viper thinks that whiskey at 9AM is a damn fine choice.

When Halo walks in, one look is all it takes for Viper to know he wants the man. And, when Halo starts to sing, Viper’s body is fully on board. Halo is exactly what the group needs, but Viper knows it’s not a good idea since Halo identifies as straight. But the chemistry between the men is all too real, both on stage and off. The fans aren’t ready for a new lead singer, but Viper is going to make sure they all fall for Halo, and Viper may just lose his own heart in the process.

Halo starts off a new trilogy by authors Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine. It ties back into Blaine’s book, A Little Bit Like Desire, as that is Trent’s book who was the former lead singer for the band TBD. While Trent is mentioned here and the band is dealing with the aftermath of his leaving, this book will stand alone.

This book opens seven and a half months after Trent left. The band has had no success finding a new singer and Viper is pissed off. He’s pissed that Trent left and he’s pissed as he’s now realizing how much the fans looked for Trent. It takes a while, but finally Halo appears and Viper knows that he is the angel he has been looking for.

Viper plays the role of rock star in that he always has a new body in his bed and relationships are not for him. While he has a rough and somewhat jaded exterior, there is a little softness underneath. He does not hide the fact that he is attracted to Halo from the first sighting, but Halo has never been interested in a man before.

Halo is younger than the rest of the band and can’t believe that this can now be his life. He is also struggling with his attraction to Viper, but that does not last long. He likes being with Viper, looks for his approval, and Viper makes him feel good. Halo is receptive to Viper’s moves fairly quickly and makes a few moves of his own. Viper recognized Halo’s incredible talent, but also Halo gets to him like no other man has.

Since this is the first book of a trilogy, the book sets up the band story and Halo coming on board. The story also tackles the sexual attraction between the men and these authors continue to play that well and the intimate scenes will keep you hooked. The men talk about feeling a certain way, but besides the intense chemistry between them, any emotional feelings did not come off the page at this point of their story as this is only the first phase in their journey.

This was the book I read quickly as a rock star romance is always of interest to me and I liked the set up and I liked the characters. However, there isn’t a lot new in this particular book and the story had a similar feel to rock band romances with one MC being with a man for the first time.

There were also a few things I saw as amateur mistakes that cooled the story somewhat as I went along. TBD has been the hottest rock band around for years, but they were auditioning a new lead singer like newbies with seemingly random people coming in. Also, at their level, it was suspect that they would just go out and perform with a new lead singer before alerting fans ahead of time.

The draw here is the attraction and seduction between Viper and Halo and that’s a reason to recommend the book. The book does not end on a cliffhanger, but their story is far from over. Books two and three will be released in quick succession and it looks like it’s gonna get good.