Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Dean is a 23-year-old disappointment to his family. He dropped out of high school and he’s working as a bartender at a vacation resort his parents own. He’s proudly bisexual and enjoys a lot of sex with a lot of people. Dean doesn’t want any attachments, so he considers this to be the perfect arrangement.

One day, Dean sees a new employee at the resort and sets his sights on him. Pieter is just his type, and Dean sets out to seduce him. Pieter doesn’t necessarily mind because he’s also only interested in casual hookups. Dean is surprised when he starts feeling something a little deeper than usual with Pieter, but by then, Pieter’s quit his job. Deciding to track him down, Dean is blown away when he knocks on Pieter’s door. It seems Pieter was hiding something from him…something like a husband named Phoenix.

The relationship between Pieter and Phoenix is unique to say the least. Yes, it seems they’re a bit young to be married, but there are special circumstances. There is also a reason Pieter began having sex with Dean, and Dean realizes if he wants to pursue his feelings for Pieter, he has to accept Phoenix as part of a package deal.

Will this unique arrangement turn into something special? Or will the men decide they can’t handle the pressure of living as a threesome?

Friends, I have to tell you…Me and You Two was an interesting experience. I love menage stories and I was intrigued by the blurb. The idea of a “secret” significant other was something I’ve not seen very much, so I decided to dive on in.

My first thought was how much I didn’t like Dean. His attitude was offensive to me. Reading about the way he treated his current hookup made my blood boil. Also, the cavalier attitude he had toward his desire to get Pieter in his bed was a little annoying. His arrogance irked me, and I was all set to just dismiss him and move on to Pieter and Phoenix.

I was fascinated by Pieter. If I hadn’t have read the blurb, my mind would have been blown. I couldn’t figure him out. He didn’t seem enthusiastic about his dalliance with Dean. There was no ardor…no passion, and I would have wondered why he was even having sex with him at all. When the reason was revealed, I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but if there would have been a lightbulb above my head, it would have lit up the night sky. Pieter was in an unusual situation and I began to understand and feel for him.

Now, Phoenix. Phoenix was really something. He seemed almost detached. Like I felt with Dean, it seemed a bit annoying until his motive was exposed. I don’t believe I’m giving too much away by saying it was he who was pushing for Pieter to have sex with, not just Dean, but others as well. He loved Pieter with all his heart and he has his reasons. I really felt for him…really felt. He made me sad, and I admit to crying quite a bit.

On their own, the men were frustrating and very nearly unlikable, but when they are put together and begin to form a tentative relationship, they become interesting and it just worked. I would consider the feel of the story as “moody.” The dialogue was naturally written and felt real. I’m not going to lie. A lot of it was depressing, but I would say, in the position the three of them were in, depressing makes complete sense. I liked how the author didn’t make the characters become fluffy and happy once they came together. If that would have happened, Me and You Two would have been disappointing. These men were flawed and I would even go so far at to say selfish. There was no insta-cure to their situation. Still, I thought it was well written, powerful, and impressive.

The ending was not tied up with a pretty bow. I got the impression there was a very long road to a happily ever after for Dean, Pieter, and Phoenix. However, there was an obvious love between them and I was left with a feeling of hope for their future. If a unique take on a menage story, coupled with interesting characters and some angst might be up your alley, I definitely recommend Me and You Two.