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Jordan Wolf is the CEO of a successful accounting firm. What he doesn’t realize is how important his assistant, Brady Donovan, is to keeping it successful. With Brady there to keep track of his schedule and needs, Jordan is free to do what he does best, so when Brady comes down with a nasty flu, the place begins to fall into chaos. What’s a boss to do? Why, head to Brady’s apartment to nurse him through his illness so he can come back to work ASAP.

When Jordan gets an invitation to a weekend-long party at an old friend’s house, he worries about bringing a plus one. Eventually, he gets the idea that Brady would be perfect. After all, they’ve known each other for a while, and they get along well (especially after the week Jordan spent taking care of Brady). Brady is reluctant, but he eventually gives in.

Jordan takes Brady on a major shopping trip, replacing his usual button down/bow tie combos with cashmere sweaters and leather jackets. Brady’s crush on his boss continues to grow, and it seems Jordan is beginning to see Brady in a different light. Soon, their pretend relationship begins to morph into something more serious, and their fake kisses become deeper and more real. They realize they’re falling for each other, and they don’t want to fight it.

Can their budding love for each other continue after that magical weekend, or will it be over once they get back to “real life”?

I. Loved. This. Book. Seriously! I’m really into boss/employee and fake boyfriend tropes. They’re some of my favorites, and it was like K.C. Wells wrote My Fair Brady just for me. Everything about it was perfection. Jordan and Brady were both good men with zero unredeemable qualities. I loved how Brady was able to anticipate every one of Jordan’s needs, right down to keeping him in healthy meals because his blood pressure was too high. I also loved how it took Brady getting the flu for Jordan to realize just how much he needed Brady…not just to pretend he’s got a special someone in his life, but because he really is a special someone in his life. They were adorable together. Their banter was clever and quick with some flirtation thrown in. Being able to read about them falling for each other was a pleasure.

Jordan and Brady had a great chemistry both in and out of the office and bedroom. They were perfect for each other, and because the book isn’t incredibly long, they get to realize it rather quickly. However, just because it was quick doesn’t mean the speed of it gave me whiplash. It felt organic, not forced. There was almost NO conflict between them. There was a moment or two when Brady thought Jordan didn’t like him without the fancy clothes, but that was resolved in good time. Also, there was a brief period of miscommunication, but it wasn’t much more than a blip.

There were a few background characters here that served a purpose without getting in the way of the story. Jordan’s old college friends, Drake and Belinda, threw the party he and Brady attend, and Jordan’s mom, dad, and sister are a sweet, but nosy, family that everyone would love to have. It was so cute when Jordan convinced Brady to accompany him to a family dinner and Brady charmed them all, including the man Fiona brought along to try and set Jordan up with. Those were some terrific scenes.

There were no surprises as far as the ending was concerned, and that is perfectly fine. My Fair Brady had to end the way it did. It was neat and tidy and so romantic. All in all, this book was sweet and fun, and I loved every single page. I can’t recommend this one enough. You’ll be entertained and charmed, and for sure, you’ll be as in love with Jordan and Brady as I was. Definitely get this one!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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