Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novella

After the events that revealed their true identities to the world, Trevor Sanchez is no longer actively working for the Metahuman Defense Force (MDF) and instead, is pursuing his medical degree. But he’s been a Marine longer than not, and when a code silver—armed assailant—is called, Trevor springs into action. When he arrives, he finds an EMT and an unconscious woman at the mercy of an armed perpetrator. Trevor doesn’t hesitate to use his telekinetic power to rescue them and subdue the armed man. But things go sideways when statements made make it clear that the attacker is part of the terrorist group, Sons of Adam. Trevor has no choice but to call in his old team.

Brandon Kane thought it would be a regular day at work, but things go from bad to worse — until he’s saved by a beautiful man with amazing abilities. Brandon is swept into a world he doesn’t expect, because it’s clear that there are threats against Brandon for treating and protecting the woman. Trevor steps up to the plate to watch over Brandon, and Brandon definitely doesn’t object.

The connection between them is instantaneous and electric, and Brandon easily goes along with Trevor’s plan to keep him safe. He wants to live so that he can explore his feelings for Trevor. But the enemy is coming, and if they don’t stay one step ahead, they’ll never get their HEA.

This novella can technically be read as a standalone, but really, it’s best read in order as part of the Metahuman Files series. And I can’t understand why you wouldn’t read this whole series anyway. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of this author, and of this series in particular. The world building is unique, inventive, complete, and well done. And after having followed these superhumans through the series, it was great to get to know Trevor better. It was even more amazing to see him find love.

Trevor, code name Bones, has been an integral part to the plot of the entire series, and a well rounded and well developed side character. He’s had his moments to shine, as all the characters have. And he’s got a laid back, easy way of approaching situations that I’ve always enjoyed. I loved seeing him star in his own story, and really get to see him step up.

The chemistry here is absolutely intense. Trevor and Brandon fit together perfectly. Their wants and desires mesh, and their likes and dislikes compliment each other. These guys burn up the pages, even when they are just bantering and leading up to the physically intimate scenes. Turner does an excellent job ramping up the tension between them, and every step of their relationship feels right and natural.

For me, there was a very small plot issue in that it was never clear why Trevor was watching over Brandon when he had medical school to attend. Yes, he was a Marine and a solider for the MDF, so it wasn’t that his capabilities were in question. More that it would have made more sense, practicality wise, for the MDF to assign someone else. However, it serves it’s purpose and their connection is so good that I was very willing to overlook it.

This book is another winner from Turner, and it was great to see the Metahumans characters again. As before, you can’t have one member of Alpha Team without the rest, and it’s done incredibly well. This series is fantastic, and this novella adds a bit of the “after” that lets the reader see how everyone is getting along. Not to mention, it’s a great love story.